We now have crafting tables :P (kinda)

really rough start (still working out the design) but a handy reference for now.

**forgive the terrible pun!


Phrasing! You got me thinking I missed a major update or something :’(
Oh well, hella good work on the wiki though!

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Great stuff, thanks a lot!

good work very useful to direct new players to

Thanks for putting this together @Apocalyptica!!

I’ve also created a Getting Started page that links to the Crafting one.

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The second and the last table of the page are shown very dark at my Mobile (chrome on Android) cuz it doesn’t show the font in white but black. Is there a way you can set different color schemes for mobile browsers? But even with this prob: Great work and go on guys’n’girls :wink:


Tweaked them, still very much a work in progress but should be more readable. Anything else weird on that page definitely point it out!

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