Weapon strengths/ weaknesses

so this may not be a very popular idea, but I’ll put it out there.

have you ever, in a video game, fought a rock monster with nothing but a sword? don’t you think that would really be ineffective? wouldn’t something like a hammer or a pickaxe do the trick better? I think that different types of weapons should deal different damage to different types of monsters., unless practically every titan is going to be a rock monster, then it wouldn’t really be fair to the guys who are trying to plink him with arrows.

but anyway, it doesn’t have to be a straight damage bonus. it could simply be that hammers do a lot of damage, but are really slow, so you can fight rock monsters really well with those. but if you try to fight something that’s really fast and lightly armored, you’ll want a faster weapon, like a sword, or a spear, or a bow, if you have good enough aim to hit it.

do you see what I’m saying?

Well a easy way for doing this i adding the basic damange kind:

All the elementals
Pure Magic/Oort/energy

And some thing will have more resistance to one than another, but not a real weakness just less resitance.

Also a hammer will not kill a sone monster XD a pickaxe will hit it better :smiley:


I would like such a system as well, but the resistances should not be too dramatic, cuz many people will roam the lands alone and even they should get their chance. I would also love to see weaknesses as well, yeah :wink:

I would remove “balistic” from the chart of “damage elements”, cuz balistic is most times piercing or blunt damage and rarely (for throwing axes for axample) even slashing :wink: … But yea: we definitly at least 3 different magical elements and a “global” one like pure magic :wink:

Wich balistic i mean fireguns and that things not arrows or throwing ítems XD