Wearable Light Sources

A very simple suggestion- right now you can hold torches/lamps to light the environment while exploring. However, as soon as you go to place blocks or use a tool, you have to switch from the torch/lamp and everything goes dark. Having an equipment slot for your light-source is probably a given later on but I just thought I’d throw that out there anyway in case we can get something temporary in the meantime.

I kinda like holding the torch x3

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If there was fireflies you could put them in your mouth and you would light up the area around you.
Best idea ever!!

Catching fireflies and putting them in a jar to use as a light-source +1
That’s one recipe for crafting a lamp down.

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Nah, easier to just put them in your mouth.

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Or put them into your skull and use your eyes as spotlights.

Or just light the head of your dead best friend on fire and attach it to your belt.


You guys are making me want to see a playable race that can make use of bio-luminescence. In fact that’s probably worth it’s own thread- races that produce a natural resource in their body- fuel, poison, cement, etc.

My preferred solution to this issue would be having 1 handed tools so you could hold a torch in one hand and the tool in the other

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