Weather effects going through panes

I just finished the exterior of a building that has panes as part of its roof. This morning i go back there to start the interior, only to find snow on the ground.

I double, nay triple checked to make sure it’s sealed. The snow also seemed to come in through all 4 side panes. Is this supposed to happen?

I really like my sunroof in my new place, and love the panes! Would hate to have to come up with some kind of weird structure to keep the weather out, as it kinda defeats the purpose of having panes over glass :frowning:

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I came to the conclusion that it’s because its still a mesh at the moment? Hopefully when it’s changed so it’s a just a block it will stop weather? I’ve no evidence to back this up however :sweat_smile:

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Hard to be sure.

Ever since I put a half-bevel under my glass I get snow in my workshop.

The panes won’t be “chiseled” blocks but they won’t be “whole” blocks either. I don’t know of any other voxel that doesn’t fill a whole block and if any dev has spoken about this mechanic I don’t remember.

Hmm interesting, the physics of the Oortiverse are still little known :thinking:


I think there was some about some particles being tied with light but actual weather effects wouldn’t be coming in.

I don’t really notice the rain but in a couple weeks we’ll see if my floors still turn white when it snows.

I was (re)building my base during oortmas last year so i’m quite sure the change came when I did the chiseling, but there have been several engine changes this year.

What does the layout of your roof look like?

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The structure itself is a ball, with the top layer veing glass. The glass is connected on all sides to the marble. I could give you coordinates if that helps? Because when it snows, it also comes in through the side panes.

Coordinates and a screenshot or two would be great.

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Coordinates are: 2032N -960E alt 65 Biitula
Im on ps4 so screenshots are a bit awkward. Its very easy to see though, its literally a marble ball with big windows on each side. Weather is coming through all of them.

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I’ve noticed in the last few updates that our dome on gyosha. Everything is enclosed with glass or underground is filled with fog when rains which shouldn’t be happening if builds protect from environmental effects. It worse sense the glass panel update happened

some of the weather effects are driven by “in a cave (approximately, based on original world state)” and "in sunlight (direct or indirect, game doesnt know the difference (*)), and some weather particle effects collide with a heightmap of the world (most rain/snow particulates).

rain/snow particles that collide with the terrain will be stopped by most blocks from above (but square/bevel/trellis chiselled blocks are too detailed to work with the system and generally just allow the particles through).

the snow-covering effect is driven by “direct” sunlight (*) as determined by whether the maximum amount of sunlight that reached a position during the flood-fill had to pass “through” a block (foliage/glass/panes) on the way there.

things like the “fog” of rain systems is simply driven by (indirect) sunlight, so as long as you arent “in a cave” then you will get the fog even if your house has a roof on it, if your room is full of sunlight…

its possible we would be able to use the “direct” sunlight that the snow covering uses to also modulate these effects, which would improve behaviour so that as long as your room is “sealed” (no air-gaps) then the sunlight wont be “direct” and so will prevent them appearing the way the snow-covering effect would be prevented.

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I get what you are saying. I’m just not understanding why the fog is now taking up my playing or building in our dome when if hasn’t for last 7-8 months. Not understanding why we had our dome and no effects maybe a little here or there but now if raining I can’t see 2 blocks in front of me. When it’s plotted and enclosed or underground and completely enclosed by unchiselable glass.

So basically no matter what we build we will get fog unless we build underground? Isn’t that counterproductive for wanting to build a dome or anything above ground? Might as well be a hermit (like I was) and not want to build with anyone cuz fog or particle effects may ruin it for me