Weekly Dev Update: 2016 October 21st - Slingbow, Grapple, Temple and more!

Oh, that completely changed the way I thought about temples. I always thought say meant to be sacred places, in which we can find out secrets of the world of boundless (hidden receipts, formulas or ornaments that tell you stories in oort. hmm, if this is not the definition of temples… will we also have those kind of constructs somewhere on planets?

The artwork is amazing!


I’m disappointed that I won’t have anywhere to find hidden receipts now. How will I know what ancient Oortian shopping trips entailed?


sorry for the nooby question but how do i craft a grapple do i need iron or something cas i cant find it in the wb wiht only stone

You need to have at least copper.

ahhhh that explains stuff thanks

“Temples” seems to be a placeholder. I think these are not the end-game-content temples @olliepurkiss was talking about in his Q&A: End Game thread.

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I really need to start checking all these unread threads! Adding this concept art to the archive.

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You’re right. We’ve confused some terminology there. What’s referred to here as a “temple” is the starting environment to introduce people to the game. We should refer to it as the “Starting World”. The “temples” found in the game are something completely different.


Okay, so I still think about right of temples. Thx for short correction.

And thx at @Vastar for referring to former posts. I knew I read it somewhere, months before.