Weekly Dev Update: 2017 November 17th to 2018 January 19th - 8 Weeks of Impactful Sculpting


So awesome!
But with more and more biomes, will this lead to more complicated and strange terrain?
For example, the future possible “volcano” ecology is adjacent to the “wetland” ecology. This is simply impossible.
In addition, the size of the map is limited, the map has enough space to join more ecological environment?


We do have some tools to deal with this issue. When generating a world we use four height maps corresponding to: altitude, temperature, humidity and vegetation to choose which biome to use in certain areas of the world. An area of the world that is high in temperature and low in humidity may spawn a desert. Around that area there might be slightly higher humidity and vegetation in which case savanna might be chosen as an appropriate biome. This allows us some control over what biomes will be able to generate next to each other, however not complete control. There will be cases where un-natural pairs of biomes sit next to each other. That said, a lot of biomes will not be recognisable as ones from earth which hopefully means we can get a way with a lot more when it comes to pairs of biomes seeming unnatural.

One world will definitely not be enough to contain all the variation in biomes we have. We plan to have hundreds if not thousands of worlds which will deal with this variation. To see every biome we have created you will probably have to travel to around 150 worlds as a ball park guess.


A lot to be excited about!!! :heart_eyes:


Or mine through it haha


Clouds, eclipses, cups and new biomes… You all men and ladies are awesome! Especially @Tobelawe, I’m your worshiper :heart_eyes:


speaking of awsom devs what ever happened to @yota. i was going to start a fan club!


i just love the floating island paridise im so happy that you guys are maybe going to inplement it


We should all chip in some cash to give them a present like some homemade cookies :slight_smile:


Anything is passable if you use enough explosions.


I have a better idea. We can really make cookies or gingerbreads, pack that all to boxes and have regular dispatches of this boxes to Guildford. If we will do it with enough activity, James’ team would eat our cookies for every working day :wink:
Hope it will boost development for 5% additionally :sweat_smile:

Why I couldn’t think it out early? I have beautiful pot for the first package! :dizzy_face:


There is no maybe about it, it’s going in the game!


ohhh my favoret kind of cookies! :upside_down_face:


I cant stop smiling thats how happy I ame atm


That floating paradise looks like a nightmare to me if I fall or I already at the bottom but then again I love thrilling games. I can’t wait for it and the other biomes, weather and their effect!


Imagine a world where you can see :slight_smile: the frames are good but would be boss if they combined kinda how that one dev is working on the signs :slight_smile:

Maybe a filler block or two in the future??


but then large windows would look like this…

(This is glass that has been modded to have no border)

Just looks like air

here is a post where you can get a texture pack for thinner and even black borders


I like the boarder around it just not on every block. there is a post where a dev is making new signs and it has it whole as one block or up and down side by side or 4 or more kinda thing. where you can see the boarder but the center is filled. If that makes sense
I found the link :slight_smile:


I see what you are saying… but imagin this pic with only a border around the edge


it would look like there was no roof at all… not to mention confusing for players that want to grapple out since it would be easy to miss the outer border

or are you saying that… like hide every other border?.. or have one border every 2-4 blocks?.. that might be better but would still have the issue of looking like air and would be confusing for players that might try and jump through =(

i agree that the current glass leaves a bit to be desired… but it is the way it is due to limitations of the game… apparently semitransparent blocks would turn your fps / gfx performance to :poop:


yeah pretty much like GIANT FRAMES 3x3 radius kinda thing


Those are semitransparent blocks, you can see through part of it, but not the “frame”. It doesn’t take much to make it more or less transparent. It’s a texture over a vertex grid. You can make things semi transparent without adjusting alpha just by not putting a pixel in the texture.

Maybe I should be more clear, no pun intended. The clipping mask and the texture layer are separate things. One object, that you can’t enter, the negative space is defined first, then the texture is applied. Sometimes, in games, those textures are applied simultaneously (within fractions of a second during recall -loading-) but they are still separate objects. This is how texture packs work. So the object, the actual thing, is by default transparent. The face we see, is just a image slapped on top of it. Voxels, or volumetric pixels, allow for the creation of both objects through their ID. Like painting in a bitmap image, but that image addresses X Y Z instead of just X and Y.