Weird glitch/bug


So started to level a new character and got a disconnect and this happened. It’s still happening and isn’t using or creating any stones but gaining exp.


If you want people to see your screenshot, i would suggest not posting it on facebook where it requires people to log in to view the screen shot.

upload it to the forum or here


Yeah didn’t realize I was using the Facebook link.
Changed it though.


Looking at the video from 29 seconds in, after selecting Bulk Crafting multiple times, the screen went blank and then you found yourself back in sanctum. And then when checking the crafting tables, the game seems to be stuck in the (Bulk?) crafting state? Did this all occur in the same game session for the duration of the video?

Also, was this occurring on PS4?


Interesting to see that, thanks for posting it so the devs can look into it


Yes that is correct except it was not stuck on bulk craft but single. If you can see the queues on when I hover over each table it says making 2.
The whole video is the same session as well. It kept doing it until I restarted my system and yes this is on ps4.
My brother and I experience these blank screen disconnects at least once an hour every day.


What concerns me is the potential for abuse of this if it can be recreated as it wasn’t using or creating any mats but was still giving the experience like it was.


Did this occur more than once since then?


Nope just the once.