Welcome new Oortians!

In the last two days 8 new members joined our tribe. That includes

  • 21 Pathfinder’s (future members)
  • 1 Trailblazer’s
  • 1 Explorer’s
  • 2 Adventurer’s
  • 2 Wayfarer’s
  • 2 Pioneer’s

*** Some people may have upgraded their pledges in the process.

Welcome to the Oort family to every new member and congrats to all the pledge increases!


That should put us awful close to the next funding goal! :celebrate:


coool, and wellcome :smiley:

but for the next step just wait for the sales through steam (which has to come soon :wink: )

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Doubtful. it would hurt them more than bring profit if they made a sale, they should wait until they get further in developement and get stuff like survival, progression, combat, something you could call alpha rather than pre-alpha stage :smile:

I ment no “reduced sale”, but the normal sales over the month (for the full price) which are calculated each month arround the 20th and then added to the number in the page. The last month we had the textures, so that may have lured a lot to the game :wink:

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ahhh. my bad, thought you meant a steam sale :smiley:


nope, never … that would break our neck :smiley:

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Ninety-One percent HYPE!

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