Welcome to the new Oort Online Community!

Welcome to the new Oort Online Community! You can sign in using your existing Oort Online account. This new site will be replacing the old forum, so if there’s anything you’re proud of in there feel free to copy/paste it over here.

Anticipated question: “But Ben, where is my forum title?”. Good question, me! It’s coming. We thought it was better to transition over to the new Oort Online Community as soon as possible so that you could get your hands on it earlier and we could get your feedback while there’s still time to build it in. That and we were so excited to show it we decided to share it as soon as we could.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here and we’ll try our best to answer them.


The Mobil version works like a champ, too!


Love the new forums. They look amazing and reflect the quality that Wonderstuck are aiming for in Oort Online.


Why are you not rebase old topics to the new platform?

The new forums look really good.

Good job guys!

Why haven’t we migrated the old forum, answered here: https://forum.oortonline.com/t/thoughts-on-the-new-oort-online-community/32/5

Wow awesome the discourse format is great :slight_smile:

Great work on the new forums!! The colours and layout are fantastic.I really like seeing the avatars of people who have contributed in a post. Very easy to navigate through and the smileys are an added bonus :sunglasses:

how can i change my password? I just used the “forgot pw”

Go to ga.me
Sign in
Click the menu button / three lines
Account settings
Change it there

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thanks alot. This new thing is a bit confusing me ^^