Well that’s just great 😩

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So before fluid came and a lot of soil used this was the final result.

Now I finally started to finish an other section build exactly the same and this happens.

I guess i have to go back now and redo all previous sections. To fix this.

As if I don’t have anything els to do.

:wink: my luck strikes again.

Could have know after fluid update changes on existing sections would be more then i thought.

Have you tried to move the source blocks 1 further back, that could lower the water level a little bit. Maybe it’s enough.


Tried and failed. This is the new design have to remove the water 5 rows.

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Thats what mostly happens when you leave things for to long^^ while you work on other stuff.

Question is do i like this solution :rofl::rofl:

Looks way better imho. :grin:


Did you try influencing the flow by chisels underneath?

Can’t remember where I used that technique but it worked for me

I’ll make a screen shot tonight but and added here but already is chiseled underneath :wink: can’t chisel further otherwise I’ll have leaking pipes.

Just add drainage it’s water lol

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This is directly underneath

Put in pipes on the ceiling and let the water leak in through a broken pipe. I think you only need to create the smallest ship of a corner block to divert the water. Does this make any sense?

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It does ^^ have to also redo under the “bridge” any way so I might change it then.

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what about a sign under those blocks like green transparant and then remove the block :smiley:

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Kind of like a dirty/mossy water feel😉 thats a great idea. Have to keep that in mind.