Well you’re pretty nosey eh


Well in this case it’s not a bad thing. Because I’ve hidden shop stalls around The Tower of Power Alder. A bunch of good stuff up for grabs. Forged tools and bombs, bows and pies oh my. Good luck.

Access through ps Gyosha north cross.
Hubbit-alder, Reapers Respite-gyosha, Tiggersville-alder, Fireborn-Alder.


Hell yea i am getting me a hammer…Lol I will find you.


There’s one way to find out. Someone’s running around right now. Maybe you’ll find the grapple that has no durability left. Hahaha


Still some good stuff left. Congrats if you found a bunch. And enjoy the persisting pies out of the dirt. 10 second rule right. Lol. Well they’ve been there for a week but no one has to know.


Just want to say there is still a forged amethyst slingbow, titanium healing 3 bombs, and a diamond spanner with loot magnet and light sorce and durability. And damage augments. A diamond forged gathering axe and Some refined gems.

Crank up your noseyness and find this stuff.