What a way to end the day

Just finished 14hrs long session and one of few last moments i was playing today guess what, a perfect sight for a hunter:

Feels good man!

Good night yall see ya in few hrs :smiley:


My eyes would melt after a 14hr session


lol, my longest one is 121hr 34mins

Hallucinations then not long after :skull:.

121hrs is what can only be described as an “issue” lol

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nah the longest without sleep ive been is 8 days, and ye its an issue :slight_smile: hahahah

Get a pay per unit job or some short contracts lol. You would be able to earn a decent amount of cash if you can do 5 day stints…never mind 8.

Most people made 20 new xxxx a week. You could make 60 lol

Edit: either that or make my bridge :wink:

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Hahahahahha well i have my own project rn hehe :stuck_out_tongue: