🥰 What are some of your favorite things about Boundless?

I was just running through Delta & realized how much I appreciate the little things a lot…like the colorful little particles that float in the atmosphere. I love it :grin:

A few other things I really like:

  • How we can change the shape of most blocks.

  • Signs.

  • Being able to forge tools (even though I’m not a forger & I’m not a fan of RNG, I really love/appreciate this feature)

  • Meteors falling from the sky that we can chase & destroy…:open_mouth:whatttttt lol


I got many hours in the game and I’m online many hours a day “what are some of your favorite things about boundless” I dunno I have yet to find out…

When I do I wil update this post, maybe I wil never who knows…

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The Community is my Favorite thing of Boundless dough


Anticipation of new things for sure lol :+1:


one of my favorite things is the community, mmo side of the game, as well as building.

  1. Portals … when I first saw this game, almost two and a half years ago, they are what first caught my attention, especially knowing that you can just jump server all over the world and see people playing and changing the environment in a persistent universe.
  2. Chiseling blocks and being able to build your own little piece of sanctuary that you can let your imagination loose in.
  3. Exploring … you can dig down to the mantle or reach up to the sky on any planet as well as see everyone else’s amazing builds that never cease to amaze me.

It’s the most chill game that I have ever played without being bored. If I am in the mood for a little action gameplay I hunt. If I’m feeling creative I build. If I want to sort of just space out I mine or gather in a lower tier planet. The colors are great too.


This here too!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Both for friendliness and talent!

Exos are a big thing for me - always something new to explore, new stuff to find, new places to find things!


The feel/atmosphere of the worlds - I often find myself staring at them and up at the sky in awe. :smiley: They are so beautiful, really beckon me to explore them!

Resource collecting, particularly mining - just so relaxing to zone out with music too! Edit on this: The way the regeneration works is really brilliant! :slight_smile: And the soundtrack of the game is great too!


I love this game for many reasons.
One of the main one might be the quantity of things we can do in it… There are so many different tasks/things to do that if I’m bored with, let’s say, building, I can go harvest my farms, go mining, explore an exo, or just chill and follow some friends I made in this game while we talk. :slight_smile:


The feeling that we really are building a civilization. Every building, portal, tool etc was created by someone from the stuff gathered from around the natural universe. Without the players, the world would look very different.


The community is my favorite thing. No other game I’ve found where people are so helpful. Being apart of a dedicated set of core gamers. That actually want to help others and not be competitive. Is the best thing ever. :star_struck:


The general atmosphere of the game (relaxing), cartoonish graphics, community, and i cant say this enough - the active and listening devs.

And @Ratchel also :joy:


The ability to grapple friends into a lake… @RacingQueen10


I knew you cared!!!


This was also first multiplayer game I ever played. It has definitely left an impression.


The people for sure. Have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t rate as Awesome status in my book.


Dodge bombs!


My currently favorite is MV having a picture again after having the :boundless: sign.
Thank you for making my day.


There are so many things i love about Boundless.

The biggest one is the Fact that we as Players shape the Universe. All These Fantastic Buildings from little Houses to Mega Citys.
The Beacon System may not be perfect yet but i like it. Just put a Beacon down, build a Settlement, alone or with your Friends, give it a Name and be part of the Universe.

Second is the great community. I met alot of nice People, got a lot of tips and help, and i enjoy playing with all the People in this Game


It was just a joke I love everything about it ,the community the gameplay I’ve given my soul to boundless I’m here until the end of the game.