What are some things I should work towards when just starting?

I managed to meet up with a streamer and join his guild. Unfortunately I didn’t make my beacon in his city my home beacon (I didn’t know that was even a thing until afterwards), so I don’t know how to get back to the city.

They hooked me up with some tools, grapples, and a weapon, but I’m not sure what I should be working on in the meantime until I’m able to get back to my guild. I’m level 10 right now.

If you go to Places -> Beacons, you’ll see the locations of all the beacons you have placed down in world. This will give you the planet it is on as well as the coordinates for the beacon. If you can make your way to a portal network and recall the name of the town/city the broadcaster is in, I’m sure one of the many portal networks in game will have a portal to it.

Yea or if you can just get back to that planet you can return to sanctum and use the portal on the right to port there for only 100 coin

As far as what to do, just work on journal quests. Learn the game. Explore a little. It’s a sandbox so there is really no wrong or right answer.

tell us details off the city and maybe name of streamer
and we help ya find it :slight_smile:

I found it okay! thank you!

In just starting you should work on the objectives, and you don’t have to do them ALL. Some players think they need to do all of them, you don’t. Pick and chose what you want to do. I have yet to make a portal of my own, warped to a dangerous planet; or many of the others that I don’t see as needed to be done, at least in the early stages.

Work on gaining experience, mining will give you experience and the smelting of the copper you collect will give you experience and you can trade the copper bars for items. Gathering of items, the plants give the fibrous leaves and yams, but also spicy beans. You can sell the leaves and beans for coin or trade them for needed items. The rosetta nox gives you inky leaves that you may be able to make ink with (not sure if you can at that level) and sell the ink.
Make your machines as soon as you can. Then make things that you can, you will gain experience. Even making glass will give you experience. Make tables and chairs when you can, you might be able to sell them.

Stay away from higher level planets, expensive tools, drinks and food that you won’t need until you go to level 4 and up planets. And stay away from them until you have the skill points to buy the protection for the environment and buy the armor and other skills to stay alive and the stealth to not be seen by the critters, they are deadly.
You think a spitter is bad? Wait till you run into a spitter that shoots bombs and a cuttletrunk that shoots a type of plasma bomb also at you. Can’t remember which ones are with which critter as they get more deadly from the regular spitter to stout to strong to mighty. Reg is just like bullets, the stout bullets and they can spray them, also can shoot I think the bombs. strong definitely the bombs and the mighty cluster bombs, a bomb that when it lands becomes a bunch of bombs.
Did I remember to say they were deadly?