What are the gleambow-only colors?

I’m trying to organize and would like to know which colors for each block are gleambow only, does anyone know?

This would be hard to answer, I usually reference this for avaliable colors to choose from, like a reverse list.


Otherwise, the list is getting smaller with each sovereign that gets a new color.

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Huh. I didn’t know gleambow colors were possible on sovs, neat-o.
How do gleambow events happen these days? I’m not sure I’ve seen one since the one even I attended my first month playing.

Seasonal events are now automated - I’m not sure if that includes Gleambow though. Hmm. Maybe time for a fun summer Gleambow event, Devs? :wink:


I feel we need the offical ones as if I recall? it’s the only way to stock up on the sacs?

Just run some Gleambow hunts … sigh I miss @Larky

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I dunno why but I thought the mobs didn’t drop sacs from…man-made (for want of a better term) gleambow meteors.

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Anyone can spawn a gleambow meteor. You would need a gleambow totem and a gleambow augment and a good amount of people for large meteors :slight_smile:

Yes I had some chat with @Huntsman lately he runs a gleambow platform sometimes. I did fail to visit last weekend, though sorry man.

You can’t generate sacs. But there are a lot around. If you get a gang of people together you can still spawn a lot of blocks.


@Felos’ response is a good start - that will let you know all gleambow and exo only colors. Determining exo colors is more complicated, since even if you get data on which colors have been rolled for exos, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were practical to gather.

For Gleam specifically, I think that @Fante of Gleam Universe still keeps close track of sov/exo/gleambow color availablity and you could probably figure it out just by looking at his prices there.

For gathering the raw data on what has/hasn’t been rolled on exos/sovs, like the info that shows on the exo forum posts by the colors…
One might be able to coax that data out of the Boundlexx API, but I’m having trouble getting it to give me what I would need for that.
I think this endpoint would be the one to use?

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Someone could use the API and compare ALL colors to AVAILABLE colors and probably get a list of gleambow colors for all the blocks.

Technically there are no Gleambow only colors as every color is available in some form or another, however there are specific blocks that are not available in certain colors. Some of these can be circumvented via sprays though.

I went looking for some mutated sacs today but they’re kinda pricey at my current wallet strength lol, so I remain hopeful there will be an official event as they make fun props, even the jello if on a shop stand adds a little spash to a build :wink:

I have a few, and indeed they’re mostly for making nice props lol. For me the exceptions to just decorating with them have been the gleam pops, I’ve made tons of ice and will probably play with it more.

I think @HOST just gave away a ridiculous amount of sacs, last time I checked if you just wanted to do meteors it was cheaper to buy augments than ingredients.

I have tons of augments and don’t really enjoy using them that much myself. If I go when the platforms are populated - I’m gonna blame my equipment for a good part of this - I don’t do well soloing large meteors. And it always feels like a waste to just use them to spawn a level 1 or 2 meteor solo :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I mean, I only like purple (and mostly lavender to boot) so donig meteors only interests me to get more sacs though I wonder if I should wander around and look for at least the jello and stuff. That might be cheaper than sacs!

Me Just saw this they are automated on the Test servers only I thought ready to to be released on the live servers if update ever comes out I thought? Vex-chan

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Hmm. There may be a reason they aren’t happening on the live servers, if that is the case. Let me check things real quick.