🔶 What are the top 3 things you'd like to see in Boundless?


Can we please get these items


I’d like to see a way for unaligned beacons which have been plotted in the middle of a town, city, or great city that are below a certain prestige threshold be able to be removed after a certain amount of time, say 30-90 days. It’s ridiculous that people can buy GC and have a beacon with 10 prestige in the middle of a town or city and keep it there. I’m upset that I could come back in a year (as I’m building up on this island over time) and that still be there, my only option being to wall them off to not annoy me which is clearly against the CoC. I want them to develop a sincere and fair wait to get plot griefers gone while taking everything into account.

  1. Pets! Taming creatures, leveling them up, and mating

  2. Add more creatures please!!! Not the same spitters or bombers or the flying tentacles add water creatures killer sharks

  3. I don’t care what you invent or come up with but please make something to move through the water boats or motor surfboards

  4. Maybe Asking to much but how Minecraft has the iron golems and snow men you can probably bring your version to boundless and we can create are mini army and maybe they can fallow? Don’t make them overpowered though we don’t want the game to be easy

If you were to do this I guarantee you guys would get huge ! Trust me


An option to REMOVE ALL PLOTS when you want to remove a beacon from the world!!! Trying to hunt down all the plots before u can delete a beacon is the worst! If by accident you clicked on a plot below ground…you cant find it to delete it and the beacon is stuck. :frowning:


Delete beacon is actually a thing, been around for a few updates. Go to the far right tab in the beacon menu. Should be second from the bottom of that list.

  • Glass chisel

  • Rotation and Pattern add/remove chisel

  • A machine for breaking down patterned or brick blocks, similar to the forge, based on luck, so you can get the stone back but loose the initial added extras.


1.) Change to fall damage at high vitility levels

2.) More/interactable decoratives

3.) A melee weapon of any sort


If we had a melee weapon of any sort this would change things a lot I think. In a good way. Completely different builds (control, power, vitality in order to have the maximum interaction range). Changes in being able to tanky would be needed too though.


I’ll add something else to my list, that I mentioned in another thread, but I’ll add it here too cause why not. :wink:

A guestbook. Let people have a public record of their positive feedback (with the ability to remove troll entries, of course). A lot of times I want to compliment someone, but I don’t want to send it as mail as I don’t want them to feel obliged to respond. It is a cleaner way to deliver compliments, keeps them in one place. And really, it would be fun to read through them when travelling around, even if some entries ARE stuff like “xXxLeetSniper420xXx wuz here,” see what all people have had to say about places.


boundless people need pants its something spitter related but dont wonna go into details :joy:


Parachutes. Would be fun to gently glide from the highest point across a map.


120 skill points per sheet.
Fall damage rework.
More ways to get plots.


Respect, the peace of the jealous otherwise I love boundless​:heart_eyes::v:


This is coming!
Though not as a daily quest but a machine that you can use repeatedly :smiley:


except for 50 mud you will get .50 coin total. . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You can turn it into brick and then make it into .75c though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. more weapons + armor
  2. beast taming (for dungeon creation and also mountable)
  3. underwater exploration/creatures


1 lower level blocks to build with (more decorative rock and wood as an example)

2 more mid level blocks to build with (more brick variations as an example)

3 actual usable furniture.


ability to still load the world data(portals) if a group of players standing in front (or blocking your view)of a portal especially during hunts.
the border of your plot view should have darker or bolder colour shown especially if you are building 8x8 side by size.


1: More decorations as in lamps, things for tables, cooking pot etc
2: More Furniture as in bookshelf, fireplace, bed etc
3: see 1 and 2! yeeeeehaw