What are you guys experience with other Voxel game?

Just curious what experience you have with other games. i’ll start.

I bought cube world AKA the eternal alpha game, really liked it though.

Played trove for a bit with a friend, also a pretty good game.

Minecraft i only used as an anti stress puzzle, making pictures out of blocks.

This game is generally split between MMORPG players and Minecraft players. what have you guys played of other voxel games?

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First i think this kinda counts as off-topic? As it is not directly related to the game?

I really like voxel games and play quite a few myself.

I have played Minecraft since just after alpha and still plays it from time to time with my friends, it was actually because i played Minecraft that somebody showed me the game.

I am an alpha player on Stonehearth a strategic voxel game which i am looking forward to coming out (It is a behind schedule but the creators have streams twice a weak and we have frequent updates so i am not worried). It was actually on the Stonehearth forum i was shown Oort :slight_smile:

I have played a bit cube world as my little brother have it and it had a very nice feel to it.

And i played a few others i didn’t really like them and i can’t remember their names.

I never owned or played Minecraft, always seemed like a throwback, with outdated graphics.
Bought TUG when it was $10 but never got past the clunky access screen. Perhaps I was a little early, though my daughter has logged a few hours on it.
Last week I tried Trove. Lots to collect but still quite ugly.
Got into Alpha 5 for SkySaga. Really pretty, good lighting, nice crafting, cool duel wield concept. Yet as an explorer mindset, the loot grab rush in instances took away from the enjoyment. Wonky camera in battle. Respawn of an overpowered “protecter” at the exit portal, still kept me from enjoying exploration. No creative mode, Gather mats to build? YUCK!
Which means after release my house would probably be large enough for a chest and a bed…

Minecraft is the first voxel game I played (ofc). And I loved it until I got bored of it.
I’ve played Cube World aswell and loved it (still hoping for a update).
Ace of Spades is also a voxel game i’ve spent a lot of time in.
And Vox wich is a voxel game in very early development.

Is terraria a voxel game?

I’m pretty sure it’s not. Voxels are 3D.

(but I might be wrong)

I love it anyway :smiley: I also played minecraft for a long time but I got pretty bored of it :slight_smile:

Pixel is 2D. voxel is 3D. correct.

What do you guys think about this game? they have serious pop-up issues but i love the concept… kinda similar to Oort with the multiple worlds part, just in a very diffrent way…

Also both this game and Oort are currently in a pre alpha and are likely to be released in a similar time - there will be competition!

I played mc since alpha, and eventually started hosting a fairly successful SMP server called Zerocraft with about 7000 registered members. Eventually what was only ment to be a hobby became too much of a full time job, and that server was discontinued about two years ago. I’ve learned so much from my experiences as a host and would love to apply some of my knowledge here. I learned about Oort about 5 days after the prototype went online, and I have been playing since before there was even 100 supporters. I’ve since decided to put my full support behind this game and gathered my friends to pick up a Master tier. I have pretty high hopes for this game and, so far, I have not been disappointed even once!

I for my part played Minecraft, Blockstory and Creativerse. All neary the same style with little differences (Blockstory had a character progression and quests). Other crafting games I played where Starbound and Terraria :wink:

I began playing Minecraft 4 years ago, something like that.
I learned to do plugins & mods, and I began to makes tools for administrators and moderators. I’m not a super creative person (never managed to make a beautiful castle :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I enjoyed programming things.

I loved making season events (Christmas, mostly). We would usually make a special city with activities like arenas, puzzle jumps and secrets for players to find. This was really cool because the game let us use our creativity and imagination, and we had to imagine things from the ground. We had developpers, builders and gameplay designers on this, twas fun.
It’s really something I’d like to do again.

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Minecraft is the only voxel game I’ve played seriously (more than like 5 hours), but I’ve been following several different voxel games for awhile. Most of the ones i’ve seen seem to have similar issues- bad devs and the fact that they’re basically mc rip offs, or very dull games. This is the first game that I’ve really been excited about.

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Squaremunch, I disargee with the minecraft rip-off part strongly.
I actually see alot of voxel games that have their own original ideas and are NOT rip-offs, like cubeworld, trove, cubic castles etc ~

I dont think those games are “dull” either, but its too much of a subjective term so i’ll just respect your opinion

Well I haven’t seen all the games you have, The ones I’ve seen were pretty terrible. Cubeworld and trove look ok, but I’ve never had the chance to play them.

Trove is free to play, and it’s really a decent game with a very minimalistic apparoach to graphics and game mechanics. it’s pretty fun

Minecraft is the only voxel game I played for year and years. Like Havok, but on a lesser scale I have hosted a server. A semi private server where you could join if you were white listed.
I tried going back to minecraft since I am playing Oort but it lost all appeal to me now. I guess I found a new love for Oort and will be playing for years and years :smiley:

well trove looks plays nice. but i hate the wax look on all of the blocks.