What block determines goo color

What block if any determines the goo color on a planet? So say I make a world and I want a certain color.

It take its color from the rock it grows on, but they grow only on exo-planets.

Oh well darn going to be a long time before I get bright tan seeds

The subject is massive, but if you search past threads you might find the answers you seek… I would explain it, but I know I would mess it up. :nerd_face:

You can grow goo on bright tan gleam but I Woulda also mess it up @Larky would know more how to get colors she a master of goo

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It really depends what you’ve eaten a few hours before …

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The rock the WILD goo grows on determines the WILD goos color . When you actually farmnit though rock doesnt change its color . The gleam colotr the cultivated goo grows on determines the goo to mutate towards the gleam color gradually.

Is that a new sovereign feature ? As far as i nnow goo only appears on exo planets.

@wakeNbake Maybe could have that color