What colors of tangle and growth are there?


So far i’ve found lavender, lime and a cool blue (I think) color of growth.
For tangle i’ve found green and blue.

Any others? And where are they located or who is selling them? I was especially looking for any dark color growth or red growth, but any other colors would be appreciated.


You can check here https://boundless-web.herokuapp.com/colours/


Use this resource.


Wow, another link for my collection :slight_smile:


@nevir put together a list of useful links here;

Useful References


Thank you both and dang all growths are light colored :D. No red sponge, growth or tangle! Oh well I guess the mustard is the closest, which is something I didn’t know existed. Thanks for this resource and roll on private servers so I can pick the colors heh.


The Tangle from Alcyon looks red, though it’s official color is not red. It reminds me of those illustrations you see in Anatomy/Medical textbooks of the muscular system in humans and animals.


Lamblis has pink Tangle.