What day would you prefer for the giveaway?

I’m curious which day people would like to have the giveaway
normally this is on a Sunday from 3PM til Monday at 3 AM
but we got some EU people that need to work the next day on a Monday, so I was curious, is it better to change it to a Saturday?
let me know below what you think! any feedback is appreciated

  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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I’m US East. So I catch your streams as I can.
I’ll go wherever.


Uhm, what about a Friday?
Weekend is for social stuff too! :wink:

Saterday is better than Sunday though I guess. But the ending time is more of an issue for me personally.


I work every weekend for the most part so I mostly miss them either way =(
By the time I get off work it is late and family time takes priority.


I’m fine with either day but chose Saturday as it may help so people don’t miss out if they have work on the Monday


alrighty! votes say enough, this will be the last Sunday for the giveaways from next week on the giveaways will be held on Saturday!