What devs do what tasks for boundless?

It would be helpful for people to know who they should be tagging in posts. Personally I usually tag James, Leah, Sam and/or Luca.

Which devs want to be tagged more? Which devs want to be tagged less and left alone to do their work?

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I don’t think we should tag them unless you need help (like changing the owner of a beacon surrounded by reserved plots).

If it’s something important a lot of player will agree, the thread will get some momentum and they will see it anyway. If it’s just a small suggestion I have and I can’t even convince the other player here I don’t think there’s a reason to tag a dev.


Certainly good reasoning. I wonder what the devs actually prefer?

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I think James and most of the developers read most of the forum anyway. I do think if there is an issue or problem in game it is helpful to tag them so it gets more immediate attention.

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I tend to picture the devs like their pics. James is probably the most relatable other than the two ladies, since they have I think self images.

The guy with the yellow face, I picture walking around the office like a super scary koro sensei from assassination classroom.

And the boundless guy with a thumbs up as a chill oortian just being super cool.

Then there is the guy with a sideways crazy picture. I assume he is like doc from back to the future. With wacky ideas and a lab.

Could be a show like the office really, but it’s all in my head.


I have an idea of what most of them do on a basic level, or what they appear to do based on the topics they pop into and chime in on. But I agree with @scrufola. It’s probably better we don’t know so we’re not constantly tagging them like we do James lol. I’m sure they pass things along to the appropriate person when they see things.