What did you do in Boundless today?

Welcome to my world :grin:
I decided to break storage and crafting base into many separate buildings (by type of items stored and crafted), only so I can try out different ideas lol.



Yup that’s me several builds at progress points. LOL! Then there is all those other ideas you think about and say nope I better not because of those unfinished ones.


Maybe … scuffs toes I mean, possibly, maybe, definitely :slight_smile:

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So, I started forging again. It was fun for the first couple of days. Day three… not so much. RNG hates me today. It got me hooked and then took all the good RNG away.

Made more of my own slingbows for forging. Ran out to buy a some forged ones from a few people who forge and sell. Trying to figure out what I like.

I don’t usually inspect the bows I buy. I just go for the highest damage, but I’ve seen some nice looking slingbows at some of the hunts. Fancy ones. I wants one.

Anyways. Back to forging.


Sounds familiar :thinking:


The writing on half of my signs turned black today. No # before the text. If I change the text it pings back to white. Is this some quirk I don’t know about?


I’ve had that happen too. It’s bloody annoying!


Wanted to make a cake. Realized my old workshop is a good place for cake. Ripped it up, built new bigger workshop

Cool, made room for cake. Here is cake.

It’s empty for now because I decided to dig down and make stairs to a really big cave, if anyone needs some T1 stuff.

Busy busy.


Oh nothing to worry about. Its not really back, most likely after you went through portal or so it will turn back. Character switch or closing game helps too. Its only on your side and only temporary and its always just half of things like just half your facility. I had that bug very often. Oh. Are you on Playstation? Havent noticed it appearing ever since im on steam.


that looks amazing! But now all I can think of is ‘The cake is a lie’ …


and, you can’t have your cake and eat it too…


Had one last dance on Reapers Hunting Grounds last night before it disappears to the abyss.
Thanks for running the hunt @SoleilMoon and everyone who came out. :v:


Always something doing in Boundless, daily… not always posting though… too busy with things. :smiley:

This morning took some time to do some forging. Trying to make some of my favorite bows…
on a whim made some fun roadrunner hunting bows, for those of us who can’t aim for our lives :stuck_out_tongue:

also managed to make a stack of my fav T6 bows for my Friday night hunts. :heartpulse:



Today I am working on a secret project and the new prize room at the same time :joy:

And mined the rare color for foxxy for 7ish hours yesterday. And kepted some for myself too :joy:

Oh and how can I forget… I have went around my hole priority and found chests of my junk from anything I have built and left in a corner saying… I will get it later… And I found so many things I was looking for and now I have :joy: anywhere from last week to a year ago of stuff :rofl: and by the time I reclaimed back to my beacon… It was over 1.2 mil of items in it… that the heck is wrong with me… I need to pick up after myself :laughing:


Property… not priority. Dumb auto correct :joy:


One of the things i did was writing on signs all the shades of colors for a fast gleam storage for my shop. Got sick of the provisional thing i had underneath my shop that i couldnt do properly due to mesh limit. Today now i continued the signs and im finally done. Must say that was a perk of playstation when i did the signs in my shop. You basically type in only one or two letters and then can autofill the rest of the word. Made it all easier and faster. Now i need to type in everything and thats really a pain. Pane? :thinking: hmmm. Can finally continue producing now that I’m bit better set up :slight_smile:


I used to really think that colored text on signs was great, until I used black signs or white signs and some colors just didn’t show up very well. Now I’ve just stuck with black signs with white text as it seems more legible and maybe it helps with the color blind players if we have any left.

Yesterday, I “almost” finished my 1st shop’s second floor. At least I have all the signs up, items in shop stands and just need to do a little more signage to match the 1st floor.

Big shoutout to @Foxx449 for hooking me up with some ashen grey meta bricks I needed (btw you’re out again) and the MANY shops I’ve bought from (Sanctuary, Chic’s Bricks, Sydney) and tons of others. I spent a good 12mil in coin over the last couple weeks.


name it so we can find it from space :smiley: gazing at builds on the nearest planets is still one of my fave things to do


It’s on Circa … but not quit big enough just yet to see, I haven’t looked for it to be honest though.