What do you listen to while you build?

Just one of those threads again :smiley:

I’ll start

The cover art is pretty dumb, but the music is pretty great


what are you talking about? that coverart is amazing in the way it looks >.<

I came way late to the Lindsey Stirling party, but I cant get enough.

The problem now, is I stop playing to watch her dance!

Lindsey is freaking epic.

but the newest Dragon age shows how a good rpg is made, also the sountrack is to kill for.

The FEZ soundtrack usually does it. Very nostaligic, however only good for a few “chilly” listens, so I’d save it for a rainy day. My favorites are: Beyond, Flow, Death, and Compass. If you haven’t played the game first, I severely reccomend doing that because listening to these songs in the moment has the biggest effect.

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ok…alright ok…i JUST wanted to type something about typical computergame ambient music and bla.
until i saw the animated video on fez’s website. and holy godlord of the microprox, it just took me 2 seconds to be enthused about this game. like omgomgogmogogmgmogmogmogmgogomnomnomnomnom. :kiss: :smile:

My favourite by faaaaaar its just awesome :smiley:

but i like lindsey as well :smiley: listen to her since way back when nearly nobody knew her

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I’ve had this song stuck in my head for almost 4 years now!
Good old Yogscast

I wasn’t sure if I just should post my playlist^^ But here’s just one of the songs I’m listening to. Just don’t hate on it because of the genre >_>

Oh ONLY the video link >_>

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:sob: :joy: :smile:

this. for everything.


Matoma also has great sax tunes :slight_smile:


Am I the only one listening to metal while playing? :smiley:

but if I’m not in the mood for metal, any epic mix will do especially from Two steps from hell

Who can say no to a little


And Blizzard’s music is always good as ambient noise

Were the first two metal? Didn’t sound that bad^^