What do you think about the prices of the following items?

i want to basic item merchant

and i will sell cheap and buy expensive

but it is need balance Otherwise I will go bankrupt.

i want to sell wood, coal, iron, fossil extract,bone ,rock, foliage, glue

What price is right for you?

I am curious about your thoughts

It depends on many things, like how easy it is to gather and how much it is needed. A simple way to get an indication is to check what others charge for the items.

If you sell out your stock very fast you could probably increase the price. And if you dont sell anything the price could be too high. Some items are hard to sell because there is little need for them.

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i do not make money by selling things, but because I earn money from the visitors’ revenue

If you are trying to only profit from Foot Fall, then you are going to struggle with your ability to buy things to then resell. Since you are just starting out, your ability to buy large quantities of items is going to be heavily limited.

As far as prices go, I can tell you the current market average price for the items you have listed, but prices are subject to change drastically in the coming days when the next patch is due to launch.

I want to know the average price…
your answer was always the best.

Wood: 3-5c
Foliage: 1-2c

Copper Ore: 4-6c
Iron Ore: 6-10c

Rock can sell for around 2-4c each, but not very often unless someone is starting a large build. Everyone ends up with massive amounts of it passively just from mining.

Fossil Extract is no long an item in the game with the next patch. It has been renamed and it’s price will very due to the requirement of spark to craft it now. Was: 5-8c

Bone is another item that sometimes sells, but is better used to just make glue and sell that.

Glue: 25-35c. This price will slightly increase as the next patch doubles the amount of items required to craft it. Was 1 each of both Bone and Sap, now 2 each.

Soft un-compacted Coal: 15-30c. This price fluctuates drastically depending on supply and demand. It’s price will probably remain the same or stabilize around the 10-15c area due to the increase in drops.

These are sell prices only, not anything resembling what you should buy at. They are also the average fair market value based off of the larger, more established and reasonable shops. My advice would be to sell only for your first few weeks, farming everything yourself. Once you have a few 100k coin then you can set up buy baskets and begin to buy things as needed. Never stop farming though. It helps to keep your costs down and maintain your low prices for established customers.

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I will try the store with the capital of 10,000 coin
Thank you all the time. dear Eldwen

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As always, my pleasure. If you have any more questions or need help getting set up, feel free to message me here and I will normally reply same day.


Love the idea, I might steal it / open a franchise! Any indication of what times of day you are on and where I can run into you?

i live in south korea … and gmt time 9:00 am ~ 3:00 pm it is my playble time

If I succeed, I will get a partner and run 24 hours or 12 hours.

Currently I live in aquatopia of soulum. Near the central portal, you can find me in a place called sunghyeon shop.

Excellent! I’m in south Africa, gmt+2, so my gmt time is from about 3pm till 9pm. Will come visit your appw today and get back to you!