What do you think of my English


I think it would be a good thing to reduce the price of distortions it becomes very expensive … I go home I need a hammer, I go home I forgot my atlas … I go home I want my slingbows … i go home i want wood … i guess it does not have to be very good for the economy in the game too

in addition … I spent a lot for buffs that disappeared 2 times .


or maybe if it would be cheaper or just free with the warp conduits bloc … at the same time it would give them a useful


warping to your home beacon is free


yes but not to return on the T7 … it becomes very expensive


Distortions? Expensive?
You can turn off distortion in the settings menu but it only affects the visuals of warps and portals…


I think something was lost in translation…I believe he meant warping via portal (=“distortions”)


Google translate isnt always super accurate.

Then again google translate doesnt get paid :stuck_out_tongue:


the word used for warp in French is “distortion” … a word that I can not really translate

it’s not always the fault of google and the author


ahh that makes a lot of sense!
and very true. there is often several meanings for words too!


I was able to understand what you meant, right away :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:
Honestly, I am impressed with everyone that speaks more than one language. I’ve been trying to learn south american spanish forever - I hear it and see it everyday.


Yeah its translated in a sence like warped metal


Your english is just fine!
I don’t blame anyone for having poor grammar or run into problems with translation apps (especially free ones :P) and especially if they speak a different language. There are a lot of people here that aren’t primarily english speakers and I thank and applaud them for trying their best at speaking or translating to english :slight_smile:
I usually read past typos, I only say something if the typo actually means a different word or is potentially confusing.
Sorry if I came off as offensive, you’re doing just fine! :slight_smile:


@passeva Curious, did you change the title of this thread or did someone else?


@passeva your english is perfect and it even gonna get better
check out some off my first posts
and the ones i have now
boundless has teached me english
well i mean improved it
i stumbled upon the occasional ignorant person telling me to speak english
but it makes them look stupid :smile:
im happy you guys out there to help french players
i speak french at home to a spanish person but i am dutch speaking
my french is a crazy mix off french and spanish franjolo they call it lol
all these languages improved my RL work that involves meeting lots off nationality’s so the win is on us :smile:


yes I changed the title because all that was retained of my post is the word distortion :joy::joy:

I do not feel annoyed … except for some that requires us to translate when I speak directly (example) to my wife in French on the forum … I like less. Otherwise it’s obvious that I prefer that my message be remembered for what it says … and not for an error.

My English is getting better too since I play Boundless … I just have to trust myself a little more. Thank you all for that lol

But … it’s a shame because I really started badly on this forum because I saw my wife doing insulting because of her English in the beginning … and if there is one thing I do not want to see it’s that

But people like that he will always have … otherwise I love the majority of people with whom I spoke here and in the game.

It’s a beautiful community


And we love all our friends here in the community :hugs:


I wrote bacon instead of beacon in the Mall … thank you to the one who told me :joy::joy:

but to defend myself … it was an error of inattention lol


If a fraction of monolingual English speakers could speak another language a fraction as well as you speak English, the world would be a better place.


You probably got a lot of people’s hopes up offering them in game bacon…

New Cooking update confirmed. lol :rofl:


I noticed that too. I was going to tell you but decided I liked it better as bacon lol.