What do you think of the new recipes for titanium alloy tool/weapon and sign need power?

Try to think you are a new player without any help, just like a new player in verion 1.0.
you must to use iron hummer to mine sliver or gold
and use gold or sliver hammer or slingbow to get gems
and craft gem block to craft 5 basic engine
now you can start to build your portal hub(use sign) and craft titanium tools

Isn’t this development line very strange?

Unless they are plan to add some lower level engine

They’re trying to add meaningful progression to the game–to make it difficult to get to the high level coils (and make the low level coils a meaningful achievement.)

People seem to have this bias where they just expect status quo, and any time things are made harder, it’s a negative thing.

Personally, thinking of this as a new player, I like the progression aspect and I think it’s a positive thing.


If they plan to add some cheaper, lower-cost engines (such as silver/gold/titanium)
I will also happy to accept it because it will allow the player to develop the habit of using the engine from the middle stage.

That option is just prepared for you.
You bite.

I realized! I had to take the bait!

Let’s make it so you need to get diamonds to get titanium… like lol wtf? Let’s just remove all other gem’s and keep making diamond the best in the market, the hardest to get and create more shortages! Sounds great to me! NOT… It’s already insanely hard… and after getting all my stuff fixed from the vulpto hit I JUST NOW FOUND OUT… They hit titanium… like bruh… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! This is just dumb overall… why? Because now you need to use IRON TOOLS… to find diamonds… also old players shouldn’t be even allowed to vote because if you are maxed you can’t possibly see it from my angle which is climbing through the depths of diablo to just get started… :frowning: I mean I guess this isn’t an issue if the bug for not being able to repair burnt out coils wasn’t a thing… or the crafting any item at all now consumed your power coil… or if diamonds were on vulpto and not rubys… and the mobs were back to tier 2… or we could legally spam bots on your servers because iron mining is not only slow but painful… especially on dense subjects… but I literally see ZERO reason for this change.

Progression or not - titanium is difficult to make anyway, since you need to use silver/gold alloys in a process (not just bars);
so - the process is long and tedious, a lot of crafting involved and since you use some of your titanium to craft power coils, you cant just dedicate all your mined titanium ores to make alloys and then tools.

It was difficult enough till now and power on top of that, I feel, is an obstacle and not sensible progression.

I would think its ok if titanium tools offered way more than silver/gold ones.

As for signs. Well, signs needing power is a mistake in my opinion. These are needed soon enough in game - whenever you start building something bigger or open your first shop, you need signs to make things easier to locate etc. It’s also sth that makes building and arranging things more fun (all the notices in shops, directions, info on portals etc.). Even very early in game one could put sign “please let this area regen” or “please don’t put your beacon here, you will stop gold regen” or “my home, you are welcome to build around and join settlement” or “bad spitters, do not enter”.
Signs should be available way earlier in progression than after acquiring power coils.

EDIT: just looking into the recipe for titanium alloy - cant see it asking for power so whats the story?
EDIT2: ok just realized you talk about titanium tools - well if power is needed there, not while making alloy, then I change my vote to “its ok”
still against power to make signs

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The Centraforge update will bring a lot of this into alignment.

The “special” behaviour of the different materials will be remove from the material and become a part of the forging process.

The material progression will still be Wood -> Copper -> Iron -> Silver -> Gold but from there you’ll split off into Gems and Titanium as they’re the high end materials.

From there you’ll be using the centraforge or getting a centraforger to make special items which do extra things like hit multiple blocks, more damage, etc.

So the end game is about getting the look you want for a weapon with the special forged modifications applied to it.


a wood slingbow with rubber band firing wet paper
heavy breathing intensifies
nothing gets down people like wet paper


Why does there have to be an “end game” …For me getting some of the “end game” stuff has been when I’ve actually been able to really enjoy the game and it’s felt more like a beginning. I once had one of each “end game” gem hammers and thoroughly enjoyed powering through caves (even if I didn’t find many gems)

Titanium tools were not worth it before. So if they are more difficult to make they are even less worth it now lol. Just skip em, and buy gems tools + persisting pies till you can make gem tools.

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But please don’t build high walls on the player’s growth pathway.
The character growth curve should be smoother.
Trying to lengthen the player’s game time by making it take more time for the player to reach a meaningless goal is unwise decide.

Non-hardcore gamers don’t like climbing a meaningless walls - including me.
I think playing games should not become a kind of hard labor.

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this applies only for tools, as the titanium slingbow is a pretty decent weapon

Not used it before :slight_smile: No idea how it compares to the gem slingbows

I was meaning crafting your own titanium tools was a waste of time, with the required mats as they are. - Relative to gems.

as it was before the last update, i have been really satisfied my self crafted titanium slingbows, it putted me in condition of soloing meteorite core lvl 2 with my hunter at lvl 20, i used titanium (charger) and silver (repeater) slingbow; they worked so well that i didn’t felt any need to rush to gems :smiley:
one day i wanted to go for a group hunt, easily got gems etc, now i go with gem sling, but still titanium is exactly far better than iron

now things will change, so probably this will be not true anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. Level 20 is a decent level to do that. I wasn’t even meaning the non slingbow tools were bad either, just that crafting them was almost on par with gems material wise.

absolutely not :stuck_out_tongue:
i would never use titanium for a tool, only for weapon
gold for tool
silver for weapon
iron for everything

gems are absolutely impossible to mine if you haven’t made your way to it passing by every and each stage… unless someone “help” you and destroy your first month of fun making you an endgame items user the second game you play

and i would not let people under lvl 28 to partecipate in group hunts, but this is just a stupid idea at this stage :stuck_out_tongue:

I was doing gems in week 1. As soon as you get hammer mastery to 4. You just buy a gem tool, I advise a diamond hammer to strip mine (leave it at home at first).

Get a beacon and some fuel, make sure you have a plot or preferably 2 spare. Buy an atlas + gem of the type you want, go to the world with the gems via the transport hub to that world, and setup a beacon nearby it, fuel it.

Then find a good spot on the atlas and dig to it (whatever altitude on here)
MEGA THREAD: Gem Locations (After March 2017 Resource Distribution) - This is the only risky bit, I also advise some aggro reduction on your gatherer or using a hunter alt to setup the beacon and run/tank any hits.

Set up the second beacon safe underground, make sure there is room above/around it to warp in. Now when you want gems you go to that world through the transfer hub and then go to sanctum, then warp to your new gem beacon. Which costs 100 coins to warp to a point on the same world. If you are clever you’ve set the beacon near the transfer hub too, so its 100 out of your mine as well. 200 per trip. Which is the price of one gem sold on the market. That’s your transport cost until you have a portal setup, which is perfectly viable if you stay out there awhile, you’ll get 40-150 gems per trip strip mining for an hour. - You could also walk there, I did at first and just mined down, you can find some nice leftover meteor ore but its more dangerous obviously to walk there each time.

To vastly improve your newbie yield get the tool durability skill line and invest in persistant pies. That diamond hammer now has 90% more durability with 50% skills + 40% pie buff. As long as you are strip mining underground, not in caves your low level won’t matter. Its not as profitable as caving but it still works, I still do it in nice areas.

Oh and if you go with your hunter at first, don’t forget to add your gatherer to the beacon permissions :smiley: - Also good locations need to take into account the number of other players portals on the location heh.

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Just don’t use titanium…

Were titanium tools/weapons ever created using Spark?

It seems to me gold/silver/titanium requiring spark would’ve been fair, then gems requiring Power?