What does Southwest of ? mean?

As I am out exploring I notice the compass will have this. Northwest of ??? Solum.

It means you are Southwest of an unknown region. If you point the compass to the Northeast and head that way you will eventually unlock a new region (on that planet).


So if it says EAST of ???,

We should head WEST ?

That’s right @Xanotos. If you’re in Europe you’re east of the US. You need to head west in order to get there.


I’ve always figured it was so, I just never cared about discovering regions.

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So it is not directing me to a new undiscovered zone on Solum?

That begs me to ask how do I know what regions I haven’t discovered on Solum?

I derped a response asking this, lol. oh well I’ve done worse

No really good UI current way to figure out what regions you have yet to discover.

it is telling you where you are in relation to an undiscovered region. if you’ve discovered it, it would say “South of Paludes Sechhi” or something like that, with a name instead of “???”

when it’s “???” you head the opposite direction it says on the compass bit, and you’ll find it.

and currently the only way to find regions you haven’t explored is to make a personal map, which would take a l ot of time and resources.

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@Stretchious probably already has a bunch of maps he’s keeping from us.


ooooooh yes, I can so see him being a secret cartographer on top of all the other stuff he does.
[Tapping some rock on top of a mountain in a blizzard]
“Hmm, Verdant Grass Seeds? At this altitude?”
[Wild cuttletrunk scuttles by, ignoring him. He sniffs the wind, looks towards the East]
“Preposterous! I must note these anomalies for further study.”


you get a count of how many regions you have discovered on the planet and I can tell you there are plenty…