What features a map should have

I just have read the topic about the mini map again and had some ideas on a map if it comes into the game.

I would like to have a map that shows only what I have explored allready. Everything else should be not visible by the beginning. But the circumstance that people can build up beacons and buildings over time I would like to have another feature: It should show which areas I have not visited for a longer time.

For example: If I run around a new world I slowly enlarge my map of the world and also find buildings and beacons of others, so that are also drawn and marked on my map. Later (may be a day or a week) I come back to the world and run arround again. The map is greyed out in the areas where I have not been since the last time. If I now go there again the map is going back to the normal state of that areas. And if I find something new, the map is updated. On this way there dont has to be a allways uptodate map for all people and exploring worlds again can become fun.

What do you think?


I think you should be able to add notes and choose different forms and names for location markers for the map.

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I like the concept of not seeing what’s there, but in some cases, it would not be beneficial. ex. you need to find a certain place in a city quickly, but you haven’t completely explored that city. Or if you haven’t visited somewhere you frequented at one point, and you come back to see it’s all grayed out again, discouraging the idea of being in more than one place.

I do find that having this grayed out thing would be cool and all, but for some players it would be a hindrance rather than a source of immersion.

I talked about how we could make physical maps, if they go with that system it would be possible to map out the entire town and put up the map, even better if we can write on the maps.


Oh, that would be interesting. Having a Skyrim styled 3-D map, but if a city has a map board posted, you could just view it and have that city saved in your map.

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May be the borders of the “old known” parts could be just be visible instead or the the old parts are a bit darker then the rest. For cities there could be visible waypoints if you enter the city (and/or get the token of the city for your map equipment). Same with points other people you know gave you (or just the coordinates for them)

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what if the map shows what you can see right now, and everything you’ve explored previously, however recent, is grayed out? no need for a timer until grayout. just do that now!