What game mechanics would you like to see in boundless


We already have this. Bring me 10 trophies and I’ll garuntee you a new trophy. No chance involved.


Yeah we would need to roll ahead of time, and something tells me if I give you 10 tentacles you aren’t going to give me that hopper core if I roll just right :slight_smile:


I would like some sort of flying or Gliding.

Also waterbreathing brew.


Trade routes.
The ability to save stacks of pre chiseled blocks.
A way to breath underwater.
More types of enemies.
Player exchangeable crafting orders with rewards other than coin.
Placeable water.
Introduction of some story elements.
Crafting automation. Think programmable machines with source and output boxes.
Portable mass storage containers. Think no ing your beacon.
Building templates. Think wall making.
Chisleable glass.


Paint ball. Basically a soft intro to PvP. Oh the Lazer tag stadiums I’d build.


Chocobos :joy:


A road runner is pretty much a chocobo just saying.


It’s the ugly step cousin twice removed. No chocobo would run into a wall and kill itself


PvP, REAL PvE (bosses/raids) and most of all REDSTONE!



LED blocks that dont just blink at a certain time frame, but within the block itself, certain sections or squares can light up different with timing, it could show an image with more crafting or forging, like a star or other simple shapes