What happened to Lake?

Did the owner of Lake quit? All their stores that I usually would go to seem to be reclaimed :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

No he didn’t quit just reclaimed and started again I’m sure right @catfud think that’s him


I always get sad when I go to a place I went to often, and find it turned to ash :grimacing: hope they build again soon so I can keep giving them my money


taking a break so thought it best to pack up a couple of shops so can clear way for others.
still left a few coils up for sale at my Lake build on Boori (via PS hub for mo until shards run out).


We were running across the universe looking for all your builds to see what happened. lol. had a group in voice chat trying to figure out what happened to you <3 glad alls good, hope you come back soon.


Awhh not Lake!!! I’ll have to make my own coils now :worried: keep safe! And hopefully see you back again sometime!


Yeah, I needed 5 for my refinery and had to make them myself. Forgot what a chore mining topaz is…


:sob: nooo my source of coils and machined iron

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What do you need? I’m not really in the business anymore, but I do fill custom orders

RED CANES cant keep ignoring my pm’s :joy:

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I have red canes
But I want money for them

COD plz ;p

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Where will I now buy my advanced coils for my new workshop on my rental planet?

Oh it’s more that whenever I do need coils, I know to go straight to lake and there will be plenty at a great price of all types

The machined iron is also super nice for cheap prestige

gotta feeling one planet will not be enough for all your coils :man_shrugging: :rofl:

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If I can’t buy them then there won’t be that many :wink: