What happened to my landplots?


I have a large area that I have been building my guild city for the past month or so, I logged in today to suddenly see half of my pyramid gone, it had tonnes of bricks and glass and some refined silver as well, the plots suddenly disappeared, as well as my underground network of roads and rooms, all gone!

Please I need to get this sorted asap, I lost an immense amount of work, time, effort and resources and coins to get this thing constructed.


Oh. Are you sure it was plotted correctly? It can be hard to see sometimes. But if you hit blocks that are not plotted you should see that it says wild. And if you place blocks that will be placed outside a plot the placement marked would be orange instead of green.


they have been plotted for over 2 weeks now, they never went away…


and yes I know about this, but the plots have been removed and was added to my plot inventory again, I had full plots and I had to read them again, which means something must have happened.


Can you confirm a timeline to help us investigate:

  1. Date when the area was definitely beaconed.
  2. Date when the area was first noticed to be unbeaconed.

Does anyone else have permissions on your beacon?


I don’t remember when it was beaconed, but my guess is about 2 weeks ago.

I noticed it today around an hour ago.

And yes i have two people allowed to build on my beacon, however you cannot remove plots of another person as far as I am aware.


Can you also confirm that all the plots were part of a single beacon?

Or did you potentially end up with 2 beacons, and the fuel expired in one of them?

(I would imagine that you’ve somehow ended up with 2 beacons and not realised that one of them was expiring. We have some changes coming that will make this much clearer for players.)


Initially it was two beacons, mine and my alt, then last week i guess I interchanged them when my main got all the plots, so it was part of one beacon as the other beacon got removed ofcourse.

But this happened suddenly, I was just on yesterday night and it was fine.


Did you delete any characters?


No I didn’t


Can you explain in more detail what happened here? How did you interchange them? The clearer and more detailed you can make the description the easier it will be for us to analysis what happened.


Well I didnt have enough plots on my main, so i put a beacon in the middle (not that whole area btw, it was only in the middle). Anyway I used 4 plots, at a height of 3, totalling 12 plots total. When I had enough plots on my main, I simply removed full vertical plots of 3 at a time and plotted them with my main until eventually I ended up with the beacon that belonged to my alt which I removed, switched and took them with my main.

The area I showed in the picture is much larger and more irregular than that, so I doubt that was the reason as this shows an L shape of the area that originally belonged to my main in the first place. Also, the underground road and room network was also my main and was never touched by my alt and they are gone too.


The analytics are showing:

  1. There were 2 beacons in this location.
  2. On 2017-11-07 a beacon was fuelled for 25 days.
  3. This beacon expired on 2017-12-02 at 18:23 at (920,88,-500)
  4. The beacon that expired contained 57 plots.


You are confusing with the second beacon, I had 3 beacons in this place. the one i removed to make it for my main.


The beacon that expired was owned by “pharaohnai”.

Your alt “rameses” still has a beacon in that area from 2017-11-20.


Yes, I have one beacon by Ramesses, and two by pharaohnai, now I have one by Ramesses and one by pharaohNai which is still there as of now.

I know there has to be something wrong, the other plot(owned by pharaohnai) I removed completely and just left the beacon itself as it was below the pyramid for the basement (which explains that it expired). But it had only one empty plot by that time.


Hi PharaohNai,

If you are in game now, I can chat to you at your build to try and solve this issue.


i am getting on now