What happens if I unfriend someone after permissioning them on a beacon or lock?

Not because I don’t like them, but because I’m perpetually capped at 250 friends.


Boundless entire servers corrupt and we will blame you for our suffering


I see the purpose with alts, but it does cause issues with things that are capped.

250 people could technically be just 25 different accounts and their alts (I’m sure you have more than 25 players on your friend list…just saying it’s not cool that the cap counts alts imo)

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We need a higher cap. I’m fine with the caveat scrolling and getting messages may take longer.

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I Don’t friend everyone because everyone is a friend in the Community


Does anyone know the answer?

Are they in your guild?
Are you wanting them to retain permissions that you granted - if you remove them as a friend or from a guild?

I run into the same issue since I give perms out first to build on market and since plot protection I also need to give them plot perms for Coin Converters so have had to delete some.

What I noticed that helps a lot is removing alts from fellow PS4 players that are also psn friends, no need to have all their alts in it which have been added automatically. Same goes for steam friends on pc…

Not guild related.

It’s more of a “if I permission 50 people on locks and accidentally unfriend one at some point, what happens”?

We might need to test this!

U online? I’m down

From looters I have taken over if theres a advanced lock those folks on it can still access even if its my beacon now so i must remove the lock then restore it. if that helps