What I'd like to see for combat in Oort

Tbh Melee fighting in games is a major turn off for me. Melee always ends up being a slog fest unless It’s quick and brutal, in which case I’m still not a big fan.

I think all the combat in oort should be variations of magic attacks with different play styles. There could be something like melee fighting that’s up close and very damaging, but It should be hard to get close to someone if they know you’re there.

Ranged magic fighting is ideal imo because ranged attacks have a bunch of easily implemented variations (sniping, mg style, scatter shots, healing etc.) This allows for us to pick a playstyle we like and use that. I would want the system to prevent us from swapping styles really quickly in battle, but I think there should be a way to switch styles. I also think magic would look extremely good in this game because of the cartoonish art style that we appear to be moving into. This game is already super visually impressive, and amazing looking fights would just make it even better.

For a good example of good stylized magic you guys should look at the game called spire. A magic combat system that looks like that but with an oort themed twist would make this game awesome.

sorry to say so, but almost completely denying melee and normal ranged weapons is an absolutely horrible idea.

but i do want magic to be more than ‘‘firebolt, shockbolt, frostbolt, poison bolt.’’ whatever. if you havent guessed it already i watch ALOT of anime, one of the things that comes to mind would be dragon slayer magic from fairytail (ofc not literally)

he can do things like flamebreath and wingslash, but his way of fighting is basically insane martial arts that gets even stronger by boosting himself using flames.

Sorry but magic combat (aka ranged combat) as the main combat?? Really? its an adventure game, if i can’t use unarmed, what will be about the combat?? The thing you are suggesting sounds me like a Shooting game (Call of Duty) but with magic instead. :weary:

I’m not telling about not adding magic, i really agree, but limiting the game to just magic, and melee just to “i caught you for surprise”… I just… don’t like it…

But adding magic as a combat option totally agree :smiley:

Yeah I basically am suggesting a shooting game, but more along the lines of TF2 than that cod ■■■■. TF2 has some of the best gameplay ever made imo. There would still be melee like I said, it just wouldn’t be as prevalent. I would think that melee could actually still be viable in a ranged dominated system if we had some stealth and speed magic to be paired with it. (because who doesn’t want to stab people in the backs)

That kinda melee magic like they have in fairytail would be what I would want as melee in this system that I’m proposing. High mobility or stealth paired with melee attacks would be acceptable.

Sorry but i can’t agree with you really!!

This is oort online this is a (as shown in the art) medieval/steampunk/anythingelse XD game
No ranged dominated system really ¬¬ if you want that play TF2 as you have said ¬¬ but please let we have a melee/ranged equaled system with their own ranged weapons (bow, magic, throwing, crosbow, etc) but just don’t try to make this game a ranged dominant game please ._.

yeah I’m starting to back off of the no-melee point. I’m just a little traumatized by MC’s terrible combat and I want to make sure oort doesn’t become that.

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minecraft combat aka. smashing lego cucumbers with a sword ._.


Well i want the minecraft cobmat to change to a combat more in the lien of mount & blade or any melee game with a decent skill combat NOT JUST SMASH SMASH HULK!!! SMASH!!! XD

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I like the melee combat system in dark souls 1 and 2. I could see something like that in Oort :smiley:

I’d love to see some dark arts aswell, I always play as the darker silent classes/roles in games… I see it as a game jumping persona.

So I’d love to see some magic, hopefully they’ll implement this!

you mean the system where you could infinitely parry any attack from the enemy if you had used too much time on the game?

that sounds like a really bad idea when put up like that xD

have to say i like the idea of darksouls, the combat always just felt too slow for my taste.

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thats kinda true :smiley: I don’t know many games with good melee combat :smiley:

dynasty warriors. 1 attack needs to be able to kill 50 npc’s at once.

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I player the two, and i need to say that is slow and tends to no where, when the two fighter know how to fight it can last 10 min (until one of them goes back to his world XD) and that its pretty boring.

But i will prefer some mixture bettew Dark souls and mount and blade, that would be intresting :smiley:

Oh no! No no no … that would be disgusting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … But I would like to have swings that attack more then one enemy. Good for the tank style player :wink:

No melee combat at all isn’t really an option. If you run up to a creature and swing your pickaxe at it you don’t want nothing to happen, right? Whatever we do, I expect it to be a healthy mix of ranged and melee where some are more valid than others depending on the creature you’re facing. Important to note that while developing combat PvE (and PvTitan) is our first focus, PvP is something we’re expecting to enable but the focus of the game is co-op combat first.


just go with my ideas, allow some worlds to have all abilities hit players you arent in party with. bam, insta pvp xD

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Kinda like Hack.//GU