What is a road?


Hey Can someone explain to me what is considered a road. I see now the pristige system is all glitched but im wondering what the game needs to factor to think its a road. My portal room thats high in the sky is no longer apart of my settlement black hawk but its not a road at all.


A thin (maybe one or two plots wide) link inbetween two areas of more dense plots. If the only plots which link the two areas together are thin, then the two areas will not be merged into one city.


Ahh ok that makes some sense thanks


I made some Tests… If im right, its just based on Plot Placement, i have a 3x3 Tower with roads going in Every direction from the middle Plot. 3 Plots after the Tower, my settlement ended and a new began. After i placed 2 Plots on the side of the road (beginning on the 3rds Plot side), it was part of my old settlement again. So it seems roads are 1x1xX Claims