What is considered am elemental planet?

Are they labeled as such or in some other way?


All of the current T5 and T6 planets are elemental. When you look at the portal to the planet some text will appear describing the planet as blast, corrosive,toxic, chill, burn, and shock.

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If you need protection from the elements, it’s an elemental planet. That means all Inhospitable (tier 4) Worlds and above… lush, coal and metal are aligned with the elements too. For example, Coal, Blast, and Burn are all aligned with the Volatile element, so Coal Worlds, Blast Worlds, and Burn Worlds require a degree of Volatile Elemental Protection commensurate with their World Tier.

Its not about protection, its for an objective.

I need to place a control beacon on an elemental planet.

So any planet that’s 5+ will work?

I’ve got lvl 3 blast protection.

Is that high enough for Serpensarindi?


Yes. I have 3 Skill Points in Blast Protection and go to Serp all the time. It’s an excellent choice for that objective.