What is in your opinion the Scariest Monster in Boundless?

  • Cuttletrunks
  • Hoppers
  • Wildstock

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Died a few times today while building to the infamous lag spike. The titan of monsters that scares me more though is slow updates :joy:

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Evil Paka, of course. :smiling_imp:

… But of those, I’ve had hoppers startle me on occasion, especially when I zone out while gleam farming! :astonished:


Yeah definitely Lag Spikes are the are scariest lol nothing like running along almost to your destination and YANK… back to starting line…Cuttles come in second for me lol

This is easy.
Moebius - the Elite Raidboss “master of micromanaging”
When you see him you can say goodbye to your entire freetime in boundless. He always comes up with crazy stuff when you arrive… conviniently.


Wildstock. Especially if you have the quirk to agro mobs on one of the random tools on your wheel while cycling through. Punted by your buddies out of nowhere.

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Not a monster per se, but James is the scariest being in the Oortiverse. One flip of a switch or a few keystrokes and poof, everything vanishes :scream::scream::joy:

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I remember i was new to the game back in alpha. I met him in his plaza - got handed some iron hammers and some blocks and put to work doing the floor hahaha. Moebs is love <3


Moebs plaza for those wondering how it looked like. Pics from forum (didnt want to dig into my disk to get pics lol)


No RNG on the monsters list? Really? :open_mouth:

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i have to say the wildstookie ramming you like

lol I made that!

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Your Missing The Deadly Holes D:

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Those wildstokes are the most dangerous, they look nice but if you make them
mad they will destroy you, especially if you new to the game.

“it’s over 9000!”

Higher level Wildstocks when you accidentally hit one, definitely… Huge “Oh ■■■■!” factor.

this one the upcoming titan is the most scariest…
it has AOE attack range



hah, I remember Moebius Plaza quite well. But I certainly also remember all the running in circles between portals back then… wait… I came from here… then need to cross over the plaza… and portal on the right… or was it the 2nd on the right… hair pulling at times, but was fun :smiley:

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Only Moebs and a handful of the elders knew their way around. Everyone else got lost forever in the moebs maze :joy:.

Really though wasnt thaaat confusing. Takes some time to get used to where every portal is.

James is
If he hits you with his stick you can get negative money!


RedY3 by a land slide!