What is the altitude for diamond more or less? [solved]

So i recently read a post(s) about the return investment on buying tools a couple of persisting pies and mining on a high tier planet and selling everything from that result.

I want to do this, i have a hammer and a persisting pie, so i know i won’t get nearly as much potential with only one but im pretty sure i can get enough to invest more. However, the only thing im missing is the information on the general altitude of diamonds on serp. So if someone knew the general altitude i could start from there and make my way finding more!

edit: just found 5k more in a forgotten place i had. i can now get another hammer :smiley:


ty so much!

Get speed brews…I alway found around alt 8 to be good for me

0-20 for diamond

If you mine from17-19 than you don’t have to worry about lava and can move from hotspot to hotspot.

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Hmm I just mine where there is no lava… lava get bit closer to rubbies…I got mine at hubbit network on macrib. Never ran into lava where the diamonds are

Do you have those locations without lava saved or do you know a way to find them that I don’t?

I got portals to all my favorite spots on the hubbit portal system just go through to macrib through hubbit and exit building go to right u will see portal…look on your map u will see it’s pretty good…then hubbit on agian u just go out side jump down to a ledge and start mining down to get topaz. Houches I have two portals for sapphire u cannot miss them. And on norkya hubbit I have one for amethyst…all leave free and if u do hot it your going wrong direction…make sure u have atlas with gems I it to see the direction

Thank you. I will have to check those out sometime. Also, I will throw a Regen bomb when I leave to start the resource replacement faster!

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Nah don’t regen ever please…so if u mi e bottom I can mine top…vice versa…It’s annoying regening.u cannot see where to look

If you don’t want me to Regen that’s fine but if I do then the gems can respawn in the matter are of hours and make more available for everyone sooner.

No problem either way.

Lol yea you will work it out I plenty of spots to mine…

Actually I don’t think it starts resource regen any faster. Plus if it looks like it’s not been touched someone going thru will just make it take longer because they will be looking for gems that aren’t actually there and that’ll put a pause on the timer if not reset it since it’ll have to respawn the blocks. But we also don’t know if the system knows the difference between player regen and natural regen. If it does it’ll still go thru the normal process of regen.

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It takes a little coordination which is hard to do but if an area is Regen bombed after it has been mined and then left alone for four hours natural Regen won’t have to occur which can mean that the resources will be replaced sooner.

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Which means it’s bad to do in public mines.


I agree with fire angeldth I think it’s better not to…But I am happy either way…fun is more important than worrying to regen or not