What is the population

Where do I go to find people and enjoy the game. I have been to 4 planets and found no players.

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Look for red squares on your compass those are players

Also if you’re traveling throught portals, it will say how many players are currently on that planet if you just mouse oever the portals


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Get in the official discord if you wanna find people to play with, you’ll find people at any hour of the day!

Lol you should’ve seen the party of folks we had in our discord voice chat… we had like 15 people in there goofing off haha it kept me up till 3am and now I am dead tired… lawl thanks guys


no need to worry now you have been Accepted into The Dark Legion we have the Capital Traxxia on Tana VII.
join us in discord https://discord.gg/JNJDP5

The only place you’ll find a large number of players is at one or two hubs. Even the large towns are virtually deserted most of the time.

Come to the Capitol of C’Merika. Cuttletrunk Federation usually always has someone online. But we’re (the main guild) is super active after 4pm central. Plus our guild is always accepting new members.


Really depends on the time of day and what day it is. I haven’t seen much people today when I logged in briefly, where usually there are 10s of players going around. On Fri-Sun it gets really busy :slight_smile:
People have jobs and other responsibilities :slight_smile:

Honestly what cloud said, probably just join a group of people, plus I heard good things about that team

I am really supersized that there is not 100 times more people playing this game. It is by far the most enjoyable game I have played to date and I seem to be investing all my free time playing it.

Dont get too big :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“The population” is a sum of all the people living in a particular geographic area.


I’m dying pofs, too funny :joy:

Some people are speaking english as their second language friend, correct grammar and meaning is not always apparent

I was just making a joke, friend. I meant nothing by it. The English wasn’t even incorrect, per se. I was making a play on words.

On a police scanner the other day, I heard the dispatcher report “Male, holding a two-year old, stumbling and possibly intoxicated.”

My first thought? “Give him a break, he’s two!”

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Yea i realized :smiley: i mean they very clearly meant where are the players, just used funny wording.

Quite frankly i love wordplay.

Can you say floccinaucinihilipilification? Its a real word lmao

In fact some people encompass this on this very forum

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Longest word in the English language.



Very important lol

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Traxxia isn’t the capital of Tana VII lol. Some dude beat you guys in a landslide.

Edit : (P.S. Oops, just logged in and realized you guys gained it back. Nice work!)