What is your favorite color?

This is an extremely common question that anyone ever has been asked, but I would like to hear about everyone’s favorite color and maybe tell us what the color represents to you if you are the type to give meaning to such things. Shoot, if you feel like it, give me a run down of what you think of all the colors. Maybe this topic doesn’t need to be off topic, we might go crazy and make colors represent things in game as a part of the ancient lore. Of course that is a far fetched fantasy for anyone who’s interested.

Me personally, I like green. To me it is like the balance in the world. Green grass, green trees, nature stuff. Cheesy stuff you know? But with so much gray city these days and humanity tearing itself apart, I enjoy my moments just looking at a field of grass.

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Strangely enough, I have two very specific colors that call to me more than any others…


Sage Green

TO me they are very soothing, and natural…my favorite flower is Lavender as well. I love nature and those two colors just whisper CALM to me… :blush: :purple_heart: :green_heart:

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Deep red representing deep emotions

azure blue for the tranquillity and the balance

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Black and White^^
For me that’s how the world should be. Clear borders. Predictable. Something that is something stays that exact something. Like math, where the result never changes regardless of how you calculate it.

Black is also how I see the world most of the time. Not in a depressing way just realistic^^
Black will be how it all ends. Well maybe not black as color because there will be nothing but yea. That’s how humans try to comprehend nothingness.

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is rainbow an answer? because it really depends on what circumstances i would see said color in.


I don’t know exactly what my favorite color is, but I have a few that I like:

All of the pinks from cherry blossoms:

Some shades of blue:

Like @Mittekemuis posted, deep red is pretty nice:

And I also like orange-peach shades as well:

All of these are my most favorite colors, but there isn’t one that takes the top.

PS: What are those symbols at the bottom?

I don’t really have a favorite. I was really big into orange for a long time, and before that I think blue was my favorite. I guess I’d say I still gravitate toward blues and ‘mellow’ hues (generally not a fan or ‘hot’ or flourescent colors) but I can appreciate most colors. Sounds really diplomatic but… meh :relieved:

Take a gander over to the Oort alphabet discussions, or if you want to know what it says just hover your mouse over each symbol.

Literally every color in the right circumstance is my favorite.


burnt orange dont know why, It just looks so dang good


u must love Lester then! :smiley: :lester:


yes he has grand color Lester shall truelly be missed

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yellow is fun and happy. and also it’s the color of bananas and cheese. :banana:

well, at least it’s the color of cheese in cartoons.

also, anyone ever heard the story of the planemaker? it gets a little weird at the end, but it’s added to my liking of yellow.

so yeah.

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Blood red and Goldish and some tropical blue

Bright but soft yellow because it reminds me of sunshine and smiles, and then soft pink because it seems comfy and plush ^^