What is your first build planned? 1.0

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Going to make a version of what I am testing now on Marv. Clean modern Space cat like house. With hints of jungle jaguar doors. I’m an “animal” alien cat.


portal seekers are planning to connect everyone as quickly as possible so that everyone can play together and find thing in the game easily!


with pink cat carpet. White sand walls.

Decorative ice

Efficiency and excellency deep into the depths of the galaxy! :sunglasses: I have intent to find myself a good, dangerous, valuable world and make it my b. Lol. Short answer: mining/gathering



I hope you sketched that on a paper napkin like a true designer :joy:


I’ll probably make some sort of log cabin that I can easily expand.

To be honest though I just wanna start a small settlement filled with similar buildings or along that theme, I just really like the pine forest community kind of aesthetic~


Hobbit Hole it’s going to be for me too at the start! That worked so well on testing!

Next step: Huge flying city Oasis/Desert style with loads of public plots that will blow everyones mind! (Including mine)

I already made a hasty napkin sketch!

Can’t wait.


This wasn’t the greatest napkin sketch in the world.

This was just a tribute…



From a guild perspective, PSi will be starting small with a loose grouped community build with shared resources (storage, machines etc), and our own basic personal buildings.

Beyond that, we have a themed city sized build planned, but we’ll take our time deciding on where we want to build it (Giving us a bit of time to accumulate enough plots to actually claim enough of an area before we lose the space). If anyone would like to join us, you’re more than welcome to :slight_smile:


Ooo these all sound so cool! :smiley: :smiley:


I’ll probably just start off with a very modest hobbit hole on the starter planet to get through the tutorials and get to iron tools and weapons and then the totem augment to get off the planet. I’ll most probably spend a reasonable bit of time exploring the different planets until I find a bio that I like. Generally I like building on the top of small hills because of the views but I’m also toying with the idea of building a giant sinkhole in the middle of a small lake ideally over a cave system so I can create an underground base and play with water and probably make some sort of underground garden with light flooding in from the sinkhole. The base will look inwards to the sinkhole and besides the waterfalls streaming down there will be plants and possibly some sculptures if I make it big enough.


I’d like to settle near a portal hub (thanks to all the players with more time and dedication!) so I plan a simple hut to get some levels, probably made of glass so I can admire the views while everyone settles on their favoured places, then I’ll scout locations near hubs for a proper build.


That sounds awesome!


I’m hoping that eventually oort won’t be too hard to collect so I can have a couple of modest portals one of which I’d like to connect to a city with a portal hub. But failing that I’ll just use the one off conduits.


It probably sounds better than it’s going to end up looking but I’m going to try my best …just got to get the scale right in the beginning :smile:


Yes me too! I found I didn’t do enough meteors to maintain any in EA but we’ll see. :slight_smile:


I was able to keep a couple running in EA without any problems but with a large influx of new players it wouldn’t surprise me if the availability of oort is reduced so we don’t end up with too many and then everyone complaining about lag, but time will tell :grin:


That sounds very similar to what I am looking at too! I spent way too much time playing with how the water moves, I want to make a water slide entrance to the base on one side for fun. I want it to have a subterranean feel with bioluminescent type elements to give the cave a blueish glow. If the current test worlds are what 1.0 looks like I think Omegasus V may be my home as I can claim a small island there since there are so many. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Yeah a small island would be perfect :smiley: no filling in and then digging out … just dig the whole island away until you reach the water then control it in. …I’m definitely going to check that planet out then :smiley: