What is your worst boundless nightmare?

Mine was that I was on a tier 7 exo and I was trying to evade falling meteors, and when I thought I was in the clear it got up… And I MEAN IT GOT UP. It had freakishly long legs and ran at me at full speed :fearful:


… That they shut it down!! :cry:

I suppose a creepy, fast, spider-type mob that liked to ambush out of nowhere would be a distant second. :wink:


This ^
Followed closely by wonky trigger on bombs in my base


Random! …cringe… a defect hidden in normal boons.


Planning a hub, and all my portals from that hub, led back to the same hub…like a boundless mirror maze I could not get out of.

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It’s already happened - TWICE.

Being the rocket scientist I am, I deplotted the ENTIRE old Phoenix Mall on Pheminorum (now located on Biitula as Iconic Mall) two different times. Dang near had a heart attack the 2nd time…

As Yoda would say, “…the genius in this one strong is not!”

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That I can’t use Innocuous brew with Shielding loaf at the moment.

Is that why we moved? ;p

No, the merge with Iconic presented a perfect “marriage”, as it were, for all parties involved =]

happened to me as well i accidently deploted over 3k plots at Eresho Main Ultima Network :D:D


Wow - that’s even more than mine. I feel ya! I bet you darn near passed out =]