What Keeps You Playing Boundless?

I’m curious as to what keeps people playing boundless. I started playing almost a year ago and even took a short break, but I came back because of a plethora of things. The community, the creativity in builds, the fact that there are still places I haven’t yet seen or explored. I’d love to hear what keeps others playing the game even though we have a relatively small community compared to the bigger name games.

To not let anyone takes over my spot if my beacons run out.


hoarding and building storage :smiley:


Boundless is very special as a game, but the first thing I mention HAS to be the community. It is what has set it apart from other games I have loved in the past and made it incredibly special to me. I’ve made a few friends here as good as any I have IRL, and who have helped me through some real rough times (Aenea was one :cry: ).

As a game it is such an incredible escape and hits a lot of buttons for me - exploration, collecting, creating. Wonderful to just zone out with, or occasionally challenge myself on things. I played endless hours of Minecraft building little beyond cobblestone castles and endless tunnels underground. Boundless inspired me to try to learn to do more.

Favorite games can be truly healing - to be completely honest, I’m not sure I wouldn’t break if I didn’t have the escape of games like Boundless as something to aid my mind through the coming months. Well, I still might break but being able to play makes it a little less likely I guess. :wink:


Mine all mine :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:.

Especially when you found a good spot.

What pulls me back every time is the creativity and the community.
Compared to other games the community most definitely.

When i do take a break I always check the forum atleast once every day…


For me it’s the forum/community. Every time I take a break I always immediately get idea from the forum for builds, and miss the community.:grin:


Im not done building. Still got unfinished builds, still trying to build my first color storage.


I think part of what keeps me playing is building something ( even though it’s just a game) leaves a little sense of accomplishment.
In most other games you’re mostly just shooting other players or doing random quests. In Boundless you pretty much can build your own digital getaway.


For me, it’s creative freedom, complexity, and community. The building is my favorite part of the game even if my builds are terrible. It’s a wonderful place for inspiration, Janus II is where I spend a lot of ingame time. I usually skip tutorials and prefer learning the complexity of games myself, as I quite enjoy not being babied by tutorials or an AI that you wish you could take off your ship (looking at you SAIL). The community is also a very important part of games, it can make or break the experience. Since the game is almost entirely Community-driven, combined with the player base size, You feel like you make an impact on the game.


Family I have made