What should/are they working on next?

Please leave suggestions.
I think personally what they should work on after this is character models, because it is strategic. instead of random blocks they can be different heights and move a little faster than one another I think character models would bring in a HUGE following and thus expand the community as well as support.

What I am looking forward to most however is dungeons and combat but I think the one above would be the best thing to do as of now. Anyone else?

I think character models too, even if it’s basic it will give us an idea and leave suggestions for further development. People know this isn’t a final game and we are helping to push out a great game everybody will love.

I’m looking forward to creatures, portals and props mostly. Character models will be nice but I have grown attached to the orange boxes for now so I’m ok waiting on that. Although I would like to be able to see the tools I’m using even if I’m still a box. :wink:

My shorter term wish list:

  1. Ability to gather/make different color stone chunks :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Upside down slopes and stairs
  3. Fences/posts preferably stackable
  4. A method of transporting water
  5. UI tweaks (thank you for hover names!)
  6. Chests

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit
and I believe that it is VERY important to begin to differentiate Oort from the obvious comparison to Minecraft
right now it could be truthfully said that the game is just a Minecraft clone and a limited one at that
more blocks will not solve this issue because Minecraft has a LOT of blocks
the addition of animals and hostile mobs is also problematic for the same reason
rather it is imperative that Oort implement something to show that this isn’t just another poorer Minecraft

things like character progression, Questing, level progression and the like

The races with their different abilities would be a good start, together with their (basic) model of cause, followed by some creatures/mobs. That would be no differentiated but very essencial stuff and it would also lure more players to Oort to give it a try … and more people mean more money for the development which would lead to a faster progress of the game.

after that we should have progression for characters or the world regeneration, both stuff which would be very unique in the genre :wink:

So far anyone I have shown Oort to that plays minecraft thinks it looks far better even in its current state, and that the planned features will blow minecraft out of the water. I’m realistic though and know a good chunk of gamers outside of “my people” are not always as open minded.

Almost any game these days has someone shouting clone - polishing each feature they work on as they go (blocks included) will make the game speak for itself. My biggest concern for this game would be rushing to add things just to be “different” without properly building the foundation. (Although that doesn’t seem like something this team would do.)

Right now the game is still very bare bones. I think we will first see some things like more natural blocks, props, then player races. I’d prefer to see creatures added before player races, but races were picked first by votes.

The next feature I’d like to see funded is progression 1.

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I watch a LOT of video game reviews, including early access reviews and many of them will fairly assess a game based on what it presents NOW and they will not care about “planned future content” because of being burned on that before when a dev promises the moon and then moons the early adopters
while WE may realize that Oort’s Developers are not like that there is an important truism

“You NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression”

many people will look at Oort and say “It’s pretty, but I can accomplish that with shaders in Minecraft, and I already HAVE Minecraft.” and then they will never look at Oort again
and that would be sad,
which is why I argue for the addition of at least 1 non Minecraft system like Progression, player races, quests, etc
not to rush things but to differentiate
your comment about the foundation is a good one but I believe that the foundation is ready for at least the framework to begin to be installed.

lies if you hit someone hard enough im pretty sure they will forget that first impression and you can start anew not that the devs will be hitting anyone just saying there are always loopholes through everything there will still be dedicated people to spread the word aswell as people like me that once they find out about a game they go research in depth about the game now and what its planned to be

gleam steps and glass steps gleam doors and why not glass doors to o and give me likes if you like legend of zelda :japanese_goblin: and may the HappyMaskSalesman bring happiness to the world of oort

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