What Should Happen When A Beacon Expires


It occurs to me, that doubling the time on fuels, only makes it so people have longer to work on their build, before some R/L thing comes along and they loose it all. (if your system breaks down 3 days shy of your beacon going out, would you rather loose 4 weeks work or 8 ? 16 or 32 ?) Timing plays a bigger role here than duration. Beacons WILL EXPIRE, and due to bad timing players WILL LOOSE STUFF, as the system works now, even if minimum time on a beacon is 6 months, IT WOULD STILL HAPPEN.


You need to chill on the personal references. I’m getting a bit tired of seeing people decide to tell others things like this. It is disrespectful and does nothing to move a conversation forward constructively.

Of course I know how it affects one group of people that would quit and never play again. Of course I know there are other people that would value it and see ways that it helps the game. Either side of that conversation is irrelevant and you missed the point completely that I was making about impermanence and the beauty around that.


Sorry but I was not trying to link the “threats” to that post. I was meaning the general threats we see from time to time in these forums by members that demand things and throw a “do this or else” comment in. I should have been more clear on my reference.


Preeeeetty sure that ‘beauty’ would kill the game, though.

  • “HEY GUYS! Let’s wipe EVERYTHING!!”
  • “W… but… why?!”
  • O_____O

Althouuuugh, that’s how Rust works, it gets forced wipes almost monthly, and people like it. Buuut building art isn’t the point of it either…


Good post. Your statement sums up another reason for them to not want to play around with the current beacon system. Using “scare” to describe your feelings about losing your stuff says something. If the game were working right, Gleam Club would not be necessary and selling cosmetic items would suffice in keeping the servers going. Worlds are covered with abandoned, empty stores and partial structures that never seem to leave, many probably Gleam Club related. The Gleam Club fits nicely into the current regen system, get rid of Gleam Club and I bet a lot more players would quickly become more vocal about losing their hard work, before leaving for good.


You need to back off with the personal attacks. This is unacceptable, completely rude, and incorrect. I don’t sit here saying stuff like you just did and putting people down or generalizing all their forum posts into a single reference. It is not fair on any level to try to do that about me when you have NO idea who I am or have any real reference to who I am as a person. You could have easily responded without the personal attack.

Sometimes “no answer” clearly answers and addresses the problem. There are reasons you do that.

Can you please provide the quote where I used the word “fixate” or contextualized my comments in a way that promoted “fixation” in any way?

It appears you don’t understand who I am or what I believe in. Hence why your previous evaluation of my “classic post” style was incorrect.

Anyone that investigates root issues around leaving would obviously talk about the other side of the coin and ensure that there were things to bring people back because inherently that “end result” is part of the “root cause.”

Yes I have been concerned about this as well and certainly never I communicated that this was all that they would come back too. Have you seen the previous posts where I talked about a storage system? Have you had full updates on my private phone calls with James you would have heard about me talking about a variety of ways to provide player owned assets back to them. I’ve discussed various tiers of asset types and if it make sense to return everything, machines, weapons, etc. in an effort on easing the return of the player that left or took a break.

In the future it would behoove you to actually engage me and better understand my views and what I think and see versus just throwing a grenade filled with huge assumptions about who I am or what I think. It is pretty common understanding that “text” and quick forum posts here and there can put any conversation way out of context and make people assume things.


Thank you for clearing that up. Let me go ahead and say, I love the game’s concept and I don’t want it to die. That’s the reason for being somewhat vocal about it. I’m not really taking a “do this or else” stance, but I simply will not play the game with the intention of gathering and consequently building, but that doesn’t really leave anything to do but run around and look, lol.


Where is this file located? Which dev told you about this file? I ask because I plan to bring it up on my next call with them and address the issues being discussed.

It seems pretty simplistic to just throw cost out of the equation and say something is not a concern. That is basically invalidating the view while no real proof of your assumption is being provided.

I would have assumed your comments were all your opinion but since you’re communicating it like you have specific knowledge - “the file” etc then I think we need more data to prove that you are correct that it really isn’t a concern for storage costs.


While I could see the fun and excitement that could create I would probably have to be against it for the primary reason that it would only reward those that are playing at that time. I think if we are going to allow scavenging of beacons it needs to be on the “explorer” model we have where you are surprised that you found it and were able to loot. That feels more realistic and exciting instead of the mad dash to be the first one there… We’ve seen how some of the controlled beacon expires have gone.

Personally I feel there needs to be more hidden chests and other surprise things that show up in the game for players that want to explore.


I might be ok if 6 month fuel came back. I am not sure because I have EA PTSD and remember all those beacons just sitting around doing nothing for 6 months and how so many areas where never being developed or ever change.

I would be ok if current longer time fuels were a bit easier to make. If people can make the 2 and 3 month fuels then at least that gives them more time. I haven’t really tried to make the longer ones lately and am not sure if it is ok or not.

I’m still the type that if you haven’t logged into the game to fuel your beacon in 3 months then you likely won’t ever come back. We don’t really need those builds hanging around… of course I’m still not decided on the item side but right now I’m sticking with the views I’ve posted on.


That would somewhat go into the vein of ideas like dungeons. It would indeed be quite cool to mine and fall inside a hidden chamber with a chest…
But up until now, the game has featured no prefabs of man-made structures. Not sure if the devs would actually want to go in that direction. If they did, cool, though.


A view I do not agree with.

I don’t agree with the monthly Rust wipe but you can build plenty of art in that time frame. Just for the record, I am not promoting a Rust type model for the game.

Art never had to be permanent. Life isn’t permanent. It if fine if you don’t value my view or see the beauty I am talking about. Each of us are allowed to have our own views and I see that you either haven’t read much spiritual and Zen type stuff or just don’t value that area.

Either way, you don’t need to continue to be dismissive and rude in how you approach our conversation on this topic. I’ve been respectful and you could easily decide to do the same thing.


I hear what you are saying, although with a player count that seems to max out at less than 4 players per planet (on average), I don’t think there would quite be the mad dash :neutral_face:

And with only 4-6 hours before regen takes hold, if there was alerts, at least someone would be able to make use of all the stuff, so the beacon owners efforts have not gone entirely to waste! :grinning:

At least part of the point was to say I think more should be done to keep players in the game initially, and to reward those that are actively involved.


I really try to do that when I can. We all can easily get tunnel vision in posting and send the wrong message. I sometimes jump before I look. When I can correct that I do…

I hear you fully. There are many things that make me cringe and decide if I want to keep playing. There were many things (even brought up in this thread) that I saw coming or happening in EA and I questioned whether I would play in release…

Overall I think the biggest issues are fundamental design decisions that would require large shifts in how the game is played. Currently the developers are too far down the rabbit hole to easily change those things. Many things they see as problems but just have the maturity to understand that they have to focus on specific issues first before they can solve the other problems.

I think we all just need to help and challenge them were we can but we always need to stay in a context to understand the box they live in each day and the challenges they face. Until we get that fully we can’t help them get out of it.


And should a game like Boundless really mirror that?
I believe in many spiritual things, buuuuut I also know where it shouldn’t apply.
For the price I paid a game like Boundless, and the time I invest in it, I should have a bit of control over it’s permanence. Otherwise, what do I have to show for the money I invested?
Maybe it’s too ‘material’ to think this way, but then again, it’s how the game works.
Though, if it was a F2P game, THEN, I could have a somewhat different stance.


Honestly I don’t know… I’ve seen many pretty builds and in one way I am sad to see them go and in another I am ok with it because it was like the beauty of a flower that came and went. Plus then I get to see what great stuff that builder does next.

I also have seen plenty of things that will never change and don’t because they aren’t forced to. So at times that makes me see why a system that kind of forces change can be good. It is all subjective, though.

I think we do have ways with fuel, GC, friends, the ability to video and record your build. So there are things that allow this but are balanced against the greater needs of a limited planet amount and space constraint. So investment of time can be realized but really that is way too subjective and at a level of opinion.

Overall, I have had direct conversations with developers about blueprints, archiving builds, and creative localized play to see about the feasibility. I feel more conversations in that direction are useful and maybe some of those goals can be achieved. Until then I think the model is ok and works ok… nothing can be perfect when you are trying to meet the different values of people… the game certainly does that in trying to be too many things to too many people.

I do agree this is more a material based game in how I think you were trying to contextualize it. I’m still just haven’t been swayed enough to think the current model is the worst one and hurts the game the most.


That’s a fair point. But I don’t think it’d be enough for everybody.

Oh no, the current model is far from the worst, that’s for sure.
But I do argue that, if on top of everything else, the devs were starting to impose forced wipes (despite the existence of the Gleam Club and stuff), then it would be faaaar worse, and you’d have waaaay more people complaining and leaving the game.


Ok lets clear up a few things games are not (sure you put your 40 bucks but…) investments as if they give you any tangible item that if faulty you can return. Its like buying the latest music from your favorite artist and being disappointed because they changed music styles. I mean you can complain about the direction they went but youre not gonna get your money back. A matter of fact is most MMOs are a ■■■■ shoot How many times you seen the sales trailer and been all “OHH!..AHHHH” and you plop down the preorder money just to find upon release half the stuff in the trailer wasnt even in the game yet?

I look at MMOs and most games like going out to dinner at a new place I go in I eat food (might not be all that service might be awful ) but I eat pay and if its that bad I just dont go back if its ok i may give it a second try coulda been a bad night. Its not an investment though just like games.

If dead beacons were announced it would be awful and its an awful idea. We have already seen the grief this causes when folks have announced publicly they are de-plotting and leaving game/ So no its fine as is. You wanna find one? then go look theyre everywhere all the time.

Im all for regen being slower say 24 hours before regen starts.


Because of the way you write (which is kinda all over the place), It’s hard to get the point you’re trying to make.
I mean… maybe “invest” wasn’t the right word? Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, or something got lost in translation?
I didn’t mean “invest” like a litteral investment at Wall Street. I meant when I spend money AND time into a building game, I’d prefer what I do with it to be as durable as possible, which wouldn’t be possible with forced wipes.
And seriously, compared to other games of the genre, Boundless is quite expensive.
You look at Creativerse, it’s free to play, and every player gets his own private world (which might even be bigger than a world in Boundless, but that’s besides the point).
In Boundless, we’re still waiting for Rental worlds (whatever feature that actually end-up encompassing).


I have vision problems so yeah that can happen sorry the punctuation I cant see at all pretty much like commas n periods so if I hit the comma or period and it doesnt show I cant tell. Shoot half the time I cant find it on the board because my vision leans to the right hard to explain but yeah you cleared it up it got lost in translation and my reading of it.

I agree with you about the price and I feel especially sorry for the initial investors of the game that havent got their planets but soon will by default lol