What to look for at exos?

Yesterday was my first visit to an exoplanet. I found resin and goo and of course new colors. What else should I be looking for well there? Also working to the planet sounds like it’s expensive so what should i stuff my pockets with to sell to help pay for the trip :wink:
Thanks funny tips :slight_smile:


Lucent (rift umbris blink)

You can get free rides usually, post to forums if you want one!

New color stuff
All the stuff DK said.
Grab stuff you like.
As to trip costs, you can usually find a free ride, otherwise post and most ppl will take you if going.

8 trips to current exo and counting, hitch a ride if you want, I’m going to feel as if I live there soon

Kindling seeds!

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I was gonna suggest slipping a few forged hammers in your pockets to help on the trip but if its a T7, I don’t think they are good enough but not sure. Lvl 9 dmg I think +370. Can def help you get there tho :slight_smile:

I go for new colored materials like wood and stone or even tangle and growth, gather colored plants you can’t get elsewhere and then if it’s a lucent planet I mine for those. I always stop for petroleum and primordial resin when I come across it. I also always keep an inventory space open for hopper cores and kill every hopper I see. These are all good for selling.

For my personal purposes I sometimes mine there for the coal because it seems like there’s a ton of it, and other people will dig huge tunnels and layers out underground, leaving tons of hard coal and medium coal and I don’t even have to waste my shovel on digging down to it etc. I always need coal and I’m too cheap to buy it.

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Personally I love getting goo and also finding the best gathering spots for lamella, or beans, or orbs and just gather as I explore.

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is there a different kind of lamella’s or beans in the exo worlds?

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Not different but sometimes there’s more of them and there are usually fewer people gathering them

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What @Coolpants said is how I look at it. I tend to get more while gathering on exos. This current exo that’s up (Illaseen) I gathered last night and got a full SS of glowing and reactive lamella, tons of vital orbs, and a ton of goo.

I feel like I get a larger variety and in larger quantities when gathering on exos