What tool do you have the most of?

  • Hammers
  • Shovels
  • Axes
  • Grapples
  • Slingbows
  • Chisels
  • Spanners
  • Farm stuff
  • Other

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I go through hammers like Cookies so I don’t have alot


now it sounds true :wink:

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Totems… i have like 1k gleambow totems still .
Using them as i go. My best friends


I’m guessing you’re the “Other” vote @Buugi

Technically i could say the same as buugi, almost… I have tons of gleambow totems in storage but i don’t consider them. I have slingbows for each gem and 3 typs of bows per gem and some multiples of each.

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  1. Chisels
  2. Hammers
  3. Grapples

Yeah lets exclude gleambow totems I think. I was asking this question hoping to provide useful info for shopkeepers and forgers (also maybe to get @james to look at balancing XP and loot by buffing professions other than mining)

Also, interestingly, poll percentages are buggy:

Both grapples and shovels have 1 vote each, yet it shows them as 3% and 4%? I assume the forums software is trying to make it add up to 100%, but that’s not a good way to do it…

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Clearly hammers here.
Selling forged hammers and there are always some runs with bad luck and a defect at the end. They are still too good to reset so I keep them for myself. Somewhere over 200 lying in storage now.
I get the feeling that they reproduce when I am not looking

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for me its totems i always craft them cuase i forget tools and then i dump them at my base forget tools again and craft some more

i also seem to like to store my food go out without it olmost die get food from friend and put it in storage again and then go out again so if anyone gave a ton off food at me cuase i forget to eat come get some at my base

another great technique i master is making sure i leave my house with full inventory i dont need then dump the one least important item to make room for a totem

and to do it the complete moebs way make sure to not take graple with you and have no jumpskill so you get max amount possible stuck in pits

extra note make sure you ask grapple off friend before food so you have greater change off dying in the hole


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It’s a fairly well-know math problem :slight_smile: as you mentioned, rounding all numbers may leave a total of not 100, so this method is used to get it to a 100:

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I am completely addicted to chisels… and Wayfarer totems. :heartpulse:

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What’s required to be able to craft a Wayfarer totem?

Would you be willing to part with some of those gleambow totems?

Buying the game before it was released.

Other than that it’s basically like a titanium tool recipe + some tech.


Depends on how many. but yes, some.

Chisels don’t last to me to long, so I normally buy 3 or 4 of the same one every time I ran out, good thing there’s a shop right in front of my house.

#ExplorersAndHuntersFTW :grin:

Hammers… I keep a stash set aside in case all my favorite sellers run short. That is one thing I don’t want to be caught without! :wink:

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Definitely chisels…

Especially stone chisels :joy::rofl::joy: