What turns you off playing Boundless?


Leftover foliage degrading on its own would be incredible. Even if the trees will regen, I still don’t like to leave the area covered in floating canopies.


to extend upon this… how about once you knock a trees root out… the entire thing comes crashing down (spewing the rest of it at you in the process - leaves and all) it would solve so much time issues - but have the root block take something like 50 hits (with an increasing ammount depending on siez of said tree) while also damaging your axe to the ammount of damge it would have caused in total?

This would most likely be a hell of a lot of code though, but a great idea!


I have seen this done before in another game Alchemists Awakening. Every tree has a health bar, when you start chopping it you do dmg to the tree. When the health bar hits 0, the entire tree falls down like a bunch of a child’s wooden play blocks for you to go pick it all up, wood and leaves.


Perfect solution even for the loss off plots


Is the game supposed to be playable at 3 MB/s up/down? I’ve got chunk size to minimum on my laptop and am playing on hotel wifi this evening. The ‘predictive’ algorithm is absolutely useless – it mostly ends up with me facing directions I don’t want placing a block someplace other than where I clicked (assuming it places a block at all…)


i can play very smooth on my 27 MB/S (translated to be 2.7 MB) the only issues i have ever had is when encountering the many portals of therka market/solum - then and only then will the game rarely disconnect or say CONTECTIoN UNSTABLE most of the time it is not even an issue… have you done a speedtest of the hotel’s wifi (whihc can be extreamly bad)?


Yeah, speedtest is where I’m getting the numbers from. The hotel lies and says it should be a 10 MB/s connection…


It’s not the bandwidth that will cause you problems, but the inconsistency in the connection.

You can confirm this by looking at the following:

Latency Graph: F1 -> “(F1) Menu” -> Latency Graph.
This shows the real time game latency to the current server for the last minute. Basically what is happening right now.

Latency Histogram: F1 -> “(F1) Menu” -> Debug Information -> Networking -> Latency Histogram.
This shows the session latency for the current world. Basically how variable is my connection to the current world. Note that the graph is logarithmic to help present the few packets that are much slower than normal.

(Only considering bandwidth is equivalent to thinking that a motorway will always be fast, but when traffic builds up (contention!) then you still get traffic jams.)


I’m get a smoothed 130 ms, with regular 1 second spikes, and the occasional 1.75 second spike


So to preface, this is probably one of my favorite games I’ve played in a very long time. I got this game like 4 days ago and I have 50 hours of play time.

The only real thing that truly makes me just rage quit is the lack of ability to find higher level gems. I understand they’re supposed to be rare, and I’ve followed any and all advice to find enough, but when you consider you need 20 rough topaz approximately to make a single topaz hammer, and in 3 hours of searching you find four pieces of rough topaz and wear out your silver hammers, so you then have to go back and farm more silver to make more hammers, which the entire silver hammer making process can take about 45 minutes from start to finish, and then go mine more coal and have to keep replacing everything you’re using to try and find these gems and trying to save the only titanium hammer you can manage to get enough titanium to make, it just becomes frustrating.

50 hours in I feel like I shouldn’t have to take 3 steps backwards to ATTEMPT to take a half step forward.

Idk I just feel like there should be some more efficient way to progress without joining some larger settlement or having a bunch of friends to play with.

And I DEFINITELY think that finding gems should be easier through mining than fighting T3/4 cuttlegrunks or whatever, which are SO hard.

Other than that, I love you guys and this game


the best way to find gems at the moment is by joining the hunting groups on discord :slight_smile: (all the high end mos from meteors drop a ton of gems… where you can get up to 1k gems per hour :wink: )

ahh you already know about the hunting… but yes i agree… when mining hey should be a lot easier to find… with the previous gemm table a few updates ago it was far too easy (you could find about 40 diamonds in 20 mins on andooweem if you were lucky enough)

There really does need to be a better balance, but since the hunting thing? i doubt there will be (no offence to devs)


Yeah there needs to be some level of in between. The entire enticing part of the game is the idea that you can do and be whatever you want in this game. If I dont want to be a hunter and I just want to mine, I shouldn’t be penalized that.


James has mentioned that they are reviewing mining atm. He said that its broken.


That makes me so much happier than you could know.


Join the great hunt. Dates and times posted in Moebius plaza. I collected over 100 gems of each type in two hours hunting with the group. It was epic and awesome and I died a bunch, but it was great.


I agree with you as well. I think the current situation is:

  1. if hunting no longer gives gem drops, then there are no useful hunting drops, except for Oort stones (if you read older posts, you will find many hunters complain about exactly this).
  2. There are no assets in game (currently) to add to mob drop tables that could replace gems.
  3. Gems are rare in the ground either as a means to keep hunting meaningfully rewarding, or just as an unintended imbalance. Such an imbalance would normally be addressed, but because monsters do drop gems, there isn’t a shortage in game.


We’re are working on an update which will bring balance to the force.


So long as nobody has to get any limbs cut off or take a bath in lava, I am looking forward to that.


This is a great game, but one thing is really bothering me:
I’ve just reached level 50 only to find out i wont get anymore skill points, despite there being a lot more upgrades to get, this is my biggest issue at the moment as i was planning my way forward through the upgrades using skill points. Some elements have not been introduced yet either, such as engines and atmosphere where i may need to upgrade again.


I just want to add to what others have said about hunters/miners. Hunters can gather a lot more than miners and it seems odd to me that more gems can be gathered from mob drops then in actual mines. I’m not saying nerf the hunter drops, in fact I think that would be a terrible thing to do as many people love the community hunts, but I think drops for miners should be buffed. I can’t seem to find many things that reward mining. Indeed, we can choose to have increased hammer speeds and mastery, but where is the real reward in that?