What turns you off playing Boundless?


This is most likely to encourage players to work together and to pick a “path” or “playstyle.” Might not make sense at the moment, before release, since it means we aren’t able to test everything available without putting the time into developing alts. I’d rather the community be encouraged to work together or at least reach out to one or two other players in a nearby settlement


the wya some people can be on the forums… yes i admit i myself can be very outspoken… 99% of the time this is for a valid reason (@Stretchious) i think i am done with the community now… im still going to be playing no one is going to destroy my fun… but for me… the community is done now… you may all be cheering… but guess what… so am i!


yes its quite frustrating for digging lovers, however this is a temporary state - gem spawn rates will be adjusted to make mining more rewarding and creatures are intended to have their own unique drops, so at least we know we will have it balanced in future


If you need a hand with anything G, let me know. The door is always open! :grinning:


I just had a moment. I think I forgot to feed my home beacon. All my others, about 6, all done.
My home one. The important one. No. :frowning:
Regen had started reclaiming, sadly it started with my workbench which housed all my metals/bone dusts/techs and such, and then a few crafting tables of things, 3 smart stacks of portal shards, a portal, my cable network for powering those, and then half destroyed some machines which housed my gems. So now feel like a dumbass.

Sick feeling of wasted time. I’ll mine for hours, but this…it’s almost enough :frowning:


That punched me right in the chest - I really feel for you. This had happened to me on other games in the past and it really sucks. Initially it really stings, but I hope that eventually you work back up to what you had. Ugh, of all the things to go first, oort and gems :cry:


Agreed I feel really bad. Some degree of reclaim in sanctuary needs to be a thing. Loss of plots makes sense, but all that hard earned stuff man…


I love Boundless! Only thing I wish is it would be nice if there could be more meetings of solo/lone players in game, more social interaction outside of the hub/portals organised communities etc. I can often go for days without seeing anyone… but I would like to meet other people occasionally!

As for doors left open being annoying, it may have been said already, I’ve not read all through the posts here… maybe a sign by the door saying ‘PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR’ ?


Waiting for a reset/wipe


There’s discussion of doors closing after some time.


Had the same experience. My main account had a lovely home at pixel gate and a camp set up at vulpto. Stopped playing for a while then started playing again with an alt. Accidentally chose the wrong planet (almost two servers away and there aren’t good portals yet at that time or I just don’t know where so I’m just warping). Finally reached solumn and excited to be at home at last but found out it already regened…

I miss my little hobbit hole named “Baggins Residence” and my alt name is “Bilbo Baggins”. Kinda feels like Bilbo went for an adventure then went home afterwards for nothing. You know how much that hurt for a hobbit. I knew I shouldn’t have come along this adventure and just keep sipping tea at my hobbit hole! I’ve been a wanderer ever since this incident. :joy:


Ok thanks slyuda, I guess I will continue to close all open doors regardless!


Definitely would rather rubber band and just redo the small bit that rubberbanded and keep going then to be kicked out.


Ok I got something. I don’t like that building details drop so drastically once you get far enough away. For instance, looking at the clock tower from the other side of Steam City looks terrible. I understand that this most likely helps tremendously with lag but it’s still something I constantly find myself being dissapointed in. But regardless if it’s remedied or not Boundless still rocks :grin:


Not necessarily lag but to keep your pc from catching on fire. Just kidding but it’s most likely a hardware limitation. The further out the game has to render it become exponentially more difficult to render the polys so in order for run your game at more than 1 fps it has to force the poly count to lower if you have a large view distance. What kinda gpu and CPU are you running?


Yeah, sorry, that’s what I meant. Not lag, just hardware limitations. Except I’m running an i7 4650 with 16gb ram and a gtx 970 OC. The games graphic settings are maxed out with 60 FPS most of the time. It doesn’t matter how I arrange the graphics, distant objects always end up clumping into one blob of blur once they reach a certain distance away. No biggy though. It’s really not a game breaker for me :yum:


Hmm that setup is pretty good. I notticed that mine was resorting to rounding very often and I have a pretty hefty build, but I haven’t been able to test it in a while. I’ll check again when I get a chance. Makes you wonder what it would take to get results like in their trailer :wink:


I have personally experienced this in the past, And feel the community may need to be managed better.

Currently I feel the economy is wrong(this has been debated before), Leveling up in general gives a lot of money. But when the game becomes established like it is now people will have to level alts for money, as once at 50 the money income dramatically reduces. For players who wish to monopolize something and make money in trading, this isn’t good as when there is a lack of new players bringing in new money and trading, the currency pool shrinks and prices get cheaper because money is more valuable and items less and less valuable because they can be infinitely replaced by regeneration.

I feel that combat on a new alt is incredibly hard, stone/copper tools hardly hurt mobs on starter planets and its hard to get basic stuff like bones and meat. I feel this could be addressed.

Skill point system needs to be simplified, I feel skill points should not go up in cost as you level. They should be flat so its easier to plan for.


One thing people tend to forget is even without footfall you still get (I think its) 200 coins per day. Now add footfall to that you can make quite a bit of coin. There is infinite amount of coin to be made.
Also just to mention there are feats and dailies to also squire coin.


This isn’t the place to discuss it. Its been discussed, Its not the same thing.