What turns you off playing Boundless?


Huh… Couldn’t you use cubits from leveling to make up for this 300 cubits? They are free and you get quite a lot of those after all.


Not really, no.


Quite really, yes. The fact you want to use them for something else, well, that’s your choice.

At level 50, you’ll be swimming in cubits.


I’m not going to argue over this. I guess I’ll just wait. I’m at level 21 right now. Thank you for your opinions on my opinion. :smiley:


As I see it, your opinion is valid, and wholly yours. I think IGC is a bad idea under any circumstance, and any game that begs for microtransactions is one that makes me think twice about playing it. However, with Boundless, everything comes with time. I’m sure that you will find yourself with an abundant amount of cubits, not now, but hopefully soon. :smiley:


I think you have a really good point. I, and many other people here, have gotten used to running around in tattered underwear for a long time. This isn’t the norm in other games, and we shouldn’t just accept it.

The outfits are expensive. Yes, most of us can afford an outfit by the time we level into the 20’s or 30’s… but Who wants to run around naked for 20 or 30 levels?

The cost for a first outfit is really steep for a brand new character. Hopefully the devs will add some low cost options and maybe I introduce new characters to them via the exchange.


Sorry, not a huge fan of going to forums (I prefer to play IN my games). :). However, I wanted to thank you for the replies. They definitely helped. Still working out some other things - had to do a little more reading. Discovered the reserved above and below information - thank goodness for that! Excellent thinking there.

The Knowledge section is definitely helping. I think I have just been spoiled by other games, such as 7 Days, where you can select or hover (forget which) over an item and actually see what recipes can be buiilt with it as well. I found the boundless crafting (regular players gathering data). Again, it is outside the game. Inside the game I downloaded is all the data. A search would be great at the top (that knowledge list is loooong).

Was disappointed by release notes for patch. A long list of relevant specifics is possible. That other huge crafting game has a long list of changes in the update history on PS4.

Time to do some searching for some other things I am just clueless on.


What turns me off today–

Crafting and forging pretty much all my hard earned gathered resources into many 6m titanium bombs 2 days ago and finding out that today you decided to 100% invalidate any form of bomb mining.

Do me a favor-- before I go and spend loads of time re-gathering resources, and drop them into making 3x3 titanium/gem hammers-- tell me the exact date you intend to do something stupid again… Like, for example, invalidating the new “OP” method by making the resource blocks hit with AoE hammers no longer drop loot or something dumb like that.

Yes I’m pretty bitter a large chunk of my effort in this game was just made all but useless before I had a chance to make use of it. And while I did agree that bomb mining needed to be balanced, completely removing it from the game for mining with zero warning was a flat out stupid move. If you apply this “we don’t want to deal with striking the balance so lets just remove it” attitude to other areas going forward, well, let’s just it won’t end well for the prospect of staying in business.

P.S. Thanks for screwing me on building too with the recipe changes to gleam lanterns and brick. Especially brick. Brick was on the brink of being too grindy as it was, now you’ve added 288 more blocks to mass craft. Insane. *Edit 1

I really hope you did something solid about surface resources as you claim you have done. I’m not going to hold my breath though and I’m one 3 hr gaming session where I walk away with a dozen orbs from being done. At least I could farm growth blocks when I was frustrated trying to find shimmering by normal means. A slow process, but a fair alternative to release the pressure on the actual surface resources in the field. I hope you calculated that traffic for certain surface resources will again be going up as people hit the field to compete for them since they cannot get them from any other means. Even more compounded since we’re forced into forging to make mining not suck now. *Follow Up 1

Edit 1 (9/28/18): I didn’t realize that the brick mixture now yields into 4x brick each (double). This helps to justify the resource cost increase.

Follow-up 1 (9/28/18): on surface gathering: It seems significantly better now. Still need to run around during weekend US west primetime to put it to the real test.


You used to be able to get Fibrous Leaves at an uncommon rate from foliage. But at 1.0 release they made it extremely rare unless you’re on a max tier world in which it’s still very uncommon.


Sadly i’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t know what the hell they are doing. They are floundering like a fish and throwing whatever they can think of into the game.


I’d have to agree with the Fuzzy. I was already dreading digging up clay to make bricks. I’ve been putting it off for over a week because I had enough to do with gathering wood and rocks for just refined stuff alone. Now I see that ash and mud were added to bricks… Really? That’s pure over kill. On top of it being 10k spark, not worth my effort at all. I’d suggest alternative recipes for brick. The following are all mass craft values.
Alt recipe 1: 150 Stones of whatever type you’re needing to make, 36 compact clay
Alt recipe 2: 150 stones, 150 mud
Alt recipe 3: 150 stones, 75 mud, 18 compact clay
Alt recipe 4: 150 stones, 50 ash, 50 mud, 9 compact clay

Spark value should be 8k Max (before power cores), time value can stay the same. Honestly, I’d prefer not wasting time and spark on making compact clay but I don’t want the game to be too easy.

I’m rather annoyed that gleam lanterns take glowing lamella now. I’ve only ever gotten one.

The other little things that make me want to rage quit when exploring is the fact that Till is seemingly 90% lava and Imdaari is almost as bad. I tried to explore regions of Till and simply couldn’t. Lava for ~1k+ blocks in any direction is ridiculous. Some kind soul was nice enough to build a bridge across multiple lava sections of Till but in all honestly, I don’t see that being a feasible thing for any one player to do. I don’t carry thousands of blocks on me at any given point when I’m out exploring, simply to preserve the space for things I’m collecting. After about 2 hours on Till, trying to find any way around the lava even using the provided player bridges, I gave up. Two total regions gathered. I don’t plan to go back. Even mining there was complete buttocks. Every 5 min, if that, I’m running into large lava pools underground or multiple small ones. I think after 3-4 hours of hammer mining I had 4 Titanium, minimal Silver, and of course and lots of Iron and Copper. I went for Titanium, not the other stuff, and since I don’t have the skill points to go to higher tier worlds, that is my only option. Imdaari on the other hand yielded better results for the ore I went to gather, but again, I tried to map that a few hours ago and ran into a lava lake at every turn. I was able to cross the shorter ones w/ the few blocks I had on me but that didn’t last long. I got bored with only finding two region checkpoints and left. I don’t mind challenging, but those two lava planets are ridiculous especially with no effective way to get across lava other than building. Implement boats of some sort or nerf the ridiculous lava lakes.

I suppose I’m pretty content with the game otherwise.

Also @wolfpack2012 Fibrous leaves are easier to get now. I believe they’ve fixed the plant issue. I was able to gather quite a few in a short time. Still not as many as I’d have liked but far more than before the patch. Beans too!


You should have seen Fibrous Gathering before the 1.0 patch.

  1. Blueprints: Ability to save builds to blueprints. If implemented, please attach some sign or label, so original creator would receive credit for the design.

  2. Build blueprints: Trigger build on previously saved blueprints

  3. Buy & sell blueprints

  4. Fix the lagging & rubber banding: This problem still exists, which is beyond frustrating.

Do y’all have the flexibility to build servers on demand and load balance workloads between nodes in a cluster?

If not, please pre-build some servers and power them off, when a certain threshold is met, automation powers on the nodes and distributes the workload.

I’ve heard one server houses three worlds, why not cut it down to one or two to see if that helps reduce the lagging and rubber banding?

  1. Portal Bug: There seems to be a new bug wher portals fail to load the server data. Porting back to sanctum usually addresses this issue or going into a different portal and coming back.

  2. Please add more decorations to our block structures: Bookshelves, cabinets, beds, benches, sofas, windows, hanging lights, books, bottles, paintings, fences, etc

  3. Additional character races.

  4. NPCs: Recruit NPCs to our homes, villages, cities, etc. Assign tasks while you are away, so the mundane will be completed.

  5. Sorting: Please add some sort of sorting mechanism to shelves, workbenches, and storage boxes.

  6. Sorting Preferences: A to Z, Z to A, by category, type, etc

  7. Auto sorting: Add a setting to the settings menu to auto sort items in each menu.

  8. Automation: It would be amazing if you could set a trigger based on an input / output. Example set the refinery to refine some wood and feed the output into a storage unit.


Feed the output to a trading post based on a fixed value for automated trading.

  1. Mailbox: Send and receive messages while you are away. Very useful since the game is cross platform.

  2. Building Contests: Give players access to a world with everything and let them go ham. Pick a winner and reward the them or don’t.

You could even let the community vote on the designs and builds.

  1. More creatures: There’s not a lot of variation of critters in the game. Please add more.

  2. Pets: Some of want a pet Cuttletrunk :slight_smile:

  3. Biomes: Add more weather details to each biome

  4. Clothes: Really tired of running around dress as a caveman.

  5. Mage & Warrior: Add some additional characters classes to the game besides hunter, explorer, crafter, trader, and crafter.

  6. Additional Skills: Why not?

  7. Reduce some of the requirements for feats 50,000 roadrunners is just silly.


What turns you off playing Boundless?

Too. Much. Grind.


inb4 everyone calls you weak and lazy.


They’d be right! :wink:


The “bulked-up” Mac userpic doesn’t help your image, bro.


Haha he’s actually a lot of the reason I’m enjoying my Year of the Fatty, tbh. Only a month left, snif.


I hear that grinding is good cardio.

… I hate cardio.


Before thursday mornings update, i wouldnt have said anything turned me off from playing. I had been playing at least 12 hrs a day since early play days on ps4. After the update, it made me really examine the game and I realized there is a lot that makes me not want to play. It started with how grindy they made it by changing the recipes. It was already grindy, they just added to it. I thought it was a sandbox game where you could do what you want, but they seem intent on limiting you to doing what they want. Like Taking away bomb mining. I never used it because i wasnt at a point where i could yet. But, that was how some people wanted to play why ruin it? Not like it was easy to just start doing by any means. And skills. Making you choose between them makes no sense when you can just create alts and get skill sets to do everything anyway. Why not make it so you can eventually learn all skills with one character? Not quickly, like just let you keep earning the 2 skill points every level, do away with the 100 pt cap, and make all skills available so you can buy whatever without locking out others. So everyone can do what they want. Isnt that the point of a sandbox? Some of them are silly anyway. Like choosing between health and energy. You need both. If you are a fighter, you need health to stay a live and energy to use weapons. If you are a miner/gatherer, you need health to survive being one shot on higher tier planets and energy to use your tools. My dream was to build an epic tower that could be the center of the galaxy and put one in each region (us east, west, eu, and aus) with portals to all worlds in each tower seperated by tier and region… I had been working towards that. I wasall set this morning to actually start the first tower buy buying a bunch of plotsfor cash. I had already hit a wall with getting diamonds to make power coils so i can make portal blocks. It was getting real grindy getting those diamonds, especially without an atlas on ps4. I had only found 2. Thought when the atlas was fixed, i would be able to find them no problem. I found 4 today after getting the atlas working and using some techniques from people on the forums. I just took a long look at the game as a whole after the update and i dont think i want to put the time in the devs are requiring you to put in with the grinding. Its too much time for too little return. Its supposed to be fun but it starting feeling like a job. Im already looking for another game.