What turns you off playing Boundless?


It looks like you dont have all the facts present, sry
Bomb mining on a large scale with many players hitting the diamond wall and only few places where u can get diamonds is giving players with high range bombs way to high advantage. Even with new world generation those places will look like swiss cheese without the cheese. Removing bomb mining was the best you could do for this game. Your hammer is for mining, your bombs are for fighting. Bombs were never meant to be used for mining.
If the game is only grind for you, every game will be only grind for you. The reason the grind is horrible for u might be because your skill set doesnt fit to the activity you do. Yesterday and the day before i went down and got 180 diamonds and im going to be down there in a while too. The last thing u need as hunter is huge chunks of energy. For the beginning i would recommend armor over hp. (if this is not changed in this patch, didnt read anything about this tho…) Armor always becomes imbalanced when u can reach a point where it reduces the damage to nearly zero. And this point is reached quite fast for lower lvl planets. Damage becomes imbalanced when u can kill your targets earlier than they can ready their weapons. Hp will almost never be imbalanced alone, but it will scale with other effects and hands you a nice safety zone but needs to be maintained with heal. If you take the armor way u will need hp only much later on fierce and turbulent worlds to survive damage spikes


You’ve got it partly right, [quote=“Shadesmar, post:1005, topic:9953”]
many players hitting the diamond wall and only few places where u can get diamonds

They needed to add more places to get gems.
Instead, they made it a lot more tedious…tedious…grindy…grindy…


gathering ressources is part of this game. Some people seem to have a problem with this. Just make a gathering alt and grind several things at the same time and it becomes more an explorer adventure while lvling than a grind. and if u really dont like gathering: there are so many shops around to fill all your needs.


Some people dont seem to know that placid worlds are a rich place to farm huge mountains of lower lvl materials due to blocks breaking much easier and no threats around. Try it sometimes if u like ;D


No, every game is not a grind to me. All i do i play video games, I am a retired stay at home dad. I video game about 12 hours a day, most everyday. No other game has ever felt so grindy, this one didnt before the last patch. Me and my son have played minecraft for 4 years together, built all kinds of wonderous cities and it never felt too grindy. I have played almost every major mmo and it didnt feel too grindy. I have maxed all characters in games like Fairy Fencer F and the Star Ocean games and they didnt feel this grindy. But when I looked at the new recipes saw what it needed, saw what i had collected, and calculated what i was gonna need to complete my planned build, i was crushed and horrified. Before the recipe “fixing”, it was fine. I could go get my iron, fibrous leaves, sap and wood for my hammers and shovels, take my hammers and get my rock, take my shovels and get my peat, turn it all into refine block and build. Now i have to find waxy earth yams, which i have seen less than 50 of in all my time playing, i know because still have every one i ever found. When it takes me half a day to make 50 blocks because of a freaking yam, thats over the top ridiculous. Considering there are roughly 20-25k refined blocks in my current build so far, it wasnt finished, that would have taken me nearly a year to collect and make the blocks with the current recipes. Thats too grindy. It might be ok for you, but its not acceptable to me. As far as armor goes, i have 3 in all the armor skills plus the epic skill, i still got killed in 2 hits from a plain wildstock on Cephonex Merika that was in a hole I fell in behind a building. And how do you figure you dont need energy to fight? You get a few hits with the fist and your energy is gone or 3 bombs and your energy is gone. I have lost many fights because i didnt have energy for one more shot. My build is a miner, have 8 power, 5 hammer mastery, hammer epic, 8 luck, 2 in “all stats”, 2 in vitality, durability epic, energy regen epic, 3 in all atmosphere protections. I dont remeber what else but i have 70 skill points so i know thats not everything. Ypu already had a ton to do that was grindy and it was pretty ok( gotta collect all the stuff to centraforge hammers so you can even go mine, level and alt for that, etc). They targeted this game at older people who arent gonna play anything else. I say older people because they recipes are needlessly complicated now for kids, like my 7 year old. (And one of the devs said they purposfully made it more complicated) People like my son, whose idea it was to buy this game, just dont have time to play it the way they want. He barely has an hour - hour and a half a day to play. He was already complaining about the slow progress he was making on his little house. Now there is none. He would have to spend all week collecting materials to make one batch of refined rock. He saw what we had to get for the new refined block recipe and quit. Its just not feasible. As fast as new games come out, the devs have to make it really enjoyable for the players to get them to spend time in their game. Nerfing the recipes like they did, made it not enjoyable and an unrealistic time sink. I dont know how anybody that also has a job, goes to school, or anything besides just play this could ever hope to accomplish much in game, with the new recipes. And I know a lot of you are gonna defend it no matter what because you are hardcore players that put so much time and money into it before launch and dont want to hear anything bad about it. Doesnt change the fact that it is what it is and other people view it differently.


dude prices for all stuff will lower just wait a bit. Other people work too. We are now in the <Edited by Steggs - Watch the language> Stone Age of our civilisation and u want flying pink crocodiles for everyone on lvl 1
Also please consider this advice: with 70 skill points you have maxed out everything you need for mining (btw u missing dex and maybe agi alot for a good miner). If not drop all your crafting recipes and make a dedicated crafter with mass crafting. Then: Create a new character! Make an gatherer who can run super fast and maybe shovel and axe skills whatever. u will have ressources for your house in minutes and seconds and not weeks. And then when u want some combat u should make a dedicated hunter. Believe me: the first ten levels are a matter of minutes cause now u know what to get and how to do stuff. Rush Tutorial and ur already near lvl 10 which enables u to have all basic skills a dedicated character need. And then getting all the stuff that seems hard to get now is a matter of some clicks. First specialize and then broaden your pallette with other characters.
The first 25 lvls of an character are so easy to gain due to xp distribution. This is an asset with the key to endless possibilities in this game


Something is seriously wrong here… i got yam for 150-200 wax in like an hour. That would translate to a lot of blocks cause you need 36 wax for 50 blocks… And this was not yam gathering trip.
What exactly were you doing to gather this yam if I may ask?


maybe it is the combination of the time to get the rock, craft to stone, then craft to refined plus get the yams and craft to wax then craft to decorative rock?


The Earth provides and you are too lazy to pick up stuff efficiently


Possibly… still at this scale, some planning should be able to solve it way more efficiently? I’m not sure and feel like something is missing here.


waxy earthyam drops much when farming peaty soil. u can compact this peaty soil to a fuel better than soft coal. Time to start your shovelling alt? Try soil farming on placid worlds… its easy as a walk in the park LITERALLY


I don’t think so. I think plain earthyams drop from soil on placid worlds.


Stop trolling please.
As far as I know earthyam drops from soil on placid worlds, not waxy earthyam.
Second, imho shoveling is not efficient way of gathering it. Plant gathering is way faster, especially with points in agility.


I do understand that it would be inefficient to just pick up what you need for one mass craft. So it probably does take more time if you are focused on needing the end product and do not have any of the required materials in stock. His point is not invalid on this basis.

I am also not thrilled with the changes. I am not happy to have to gather more. I am also not happy that I have thrown out materials I now need (should have left room for mud and ash and not eaten those waxy earthyams). . I also know I have more time to play that a lot of people and will adjust. I think the trend is bothering me the most.


i;m not saying his point is invalid.
What i suspect is that he just go about it in very inefficient way.

On the other hand, yes, you need to gather more - which should make decorative blocks at least a bit less common - which is fine with me but not with you. Agree to disagree?

I’m right now more focus on finding out why he gave so horrible ratio and try to help getting it better (cause this is way beyond gross overstatement of the problem imho and means something is wrong with the gathering method too), rather than dispute design.


sorry I did not mean to imply you thought his point was invalid. What I meant was if we (you and I) look at it this way then it probably is valid. . I was trying to draw a conclusion not hit you over the head. . Sorry again.

Yes making a block used in building more uncommon is not what I would want so we have to agree to disagree. But I want to build and I do understand the need to get what I need to build versus a pure sandbox game. I see the complete build as the accomplishment and not each individual block. I am going for what looks good and not what is complicated to make or rare.


On the other hand, I like when best looking blocks are not commonly used (or they will be just common stuff no one pay special attention to…). This means when you see a lot of it used it means some serious work got into it. If additionally it looks good, than this is stuff to admire.

Yes, this need some compromises, cause means you have not enough of the supply for best looking stuff.
Which makes it uses more critical and spare.

Two different approaches.


@Elrood I havent actively been gathering. Thats just what i have found gathering other plants. Around 50 in the ~250 hours i have played.
@Shadesmar you misread my post. I dont work, im retired. all i do is play games and its too much. I meant i really feel sorry for anyone that has to work or anything and wants to see any progress. I already have 4 characters. A crafter low 20s, a miner lvl 35, a centraforger 19, and a portaler mid teens. My friends were the hunters. I dont want everything to start with. I was willing to grind for the diamonds and stuff to start upgrading the way it was. They added more on top of that. It was pretty reasonable before. There is no reason i should have to grind so much to make pretty basic blocks. Its not even decorative, just the first real blocks. Its ridiculous. But im over it. Moved on to other games. Ill give it a check back in a week or two and if its still the same, ill just uninstall it. I had a lot of fun for 2 weeks anyway, got my moneys worth I guess so no big loss. With that devs explaination that they wanted it to be more complicated and grindy, I doubt i will be coming back because there is just going to be more of that, apparently its their vision. Boundless isnt so boundless after all, its pretty limiting.


Now makes sense. Plants most efficient for gathering wax yams are useless for nearly anything else so you probably totally ignored those.


@Shadesmar you act like i dont know how to play this game. I didnt just start. have put in around 250 hours in 2 weeks. Not to mention reading tons of help andtips on here and boundless crafting.My crafter is a shoveler. Shovel mastery maxed and shovel epic specifically for gathering peat.I have gathered thousands of peat for compressed peat to use as fuel. Dont think i have seen a waxy earthyam drop from it. Plenty of regular ones which is why i have about 1000 ofthose currently. I dont cook so i didnt need it, didnt go looking for it. If you like it complicated and grindy good for you. These are the devs for you since he said they did it to purposefully make it more complicated. If you want people to consider your view point and value your opinion, try not being so condescending.
@Elrood all the plants it drops from, i had been gathering whole for decoration. :lol:


The Current death penalty is really annoying…